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"The system has already been a lifesaver (literally!)."

- Jon Casey, Administrator, My Place Residential Care

"The system is user-friendly and our nurses feel the soft bands on the leg do not cut the baby (like other systems). They alarm quickly if removed and Accutech representatives assist as needed and provide additional training upon request."

- Amy Buffamonte, Director of Newborn Nursery, Women's Hospital at Renaissance

"One of the key factors to us was a local source for support and maintenance. We aren't dependent on technicians having to fly in or support it remotely. They can be on-site quickly if we need them."

- C. Ann Hackett, Director of the Family Center, Montrose Hospital

"We use our LC 1200 system as an elopement prevention system out our LTCSNF. It has been in use for 3 years and integrated into our existing Nurse Call System for simple and streamlined communication. It is easy to program new tags and to check in-use tag status with the ID-TAD. The system has never had a technical issue since install and worked flawlessly any time we had an elopement risk in range of the LC 1200 receiver. The reason I like the LC 1200 is because it is easy and requires little user involvement to operate properly."

- Joseph Kummer, IT Systems Manager, Apostolic Christian Skylines

"Since the first installation in 1988, our ResidentGuard systems have functioned flawlessly. Accutech has high-quality products, technical service and support, which allows our residents to safely roam our facility while keeping their dignity intact."

- Paul Child, Director of Building Services
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ABOUT US: Founded in 1985, Accutech Security, is a leading manufacturer of advanced electronic monitoring and security systems, which we market and sell under the Accutech brand. Our specialized, security systems are actively installed in more than 5,000 healthcare facilities across the world. As a leading manufacturer of security systems for over 35 years, Accutech continues to provide innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions for the safety of babies, patients and residents worldwide.

All Accutech systems are assembled in the U.S., installed and serviced by a vast network of authorized dealers, and backed by the industry's most comprehensive customer support program.

Made in the USA - Franklin Wisconsin Office
Cuddles Infant Protection Solution by Accutech
Cuddles Infant Protection Solution Logo

Accutech's Cuddles infant protection system is designed to help nursing, security and IT maintain the safety of infants in obstetric, postpartum and NICU units. If a situation develops where there is an unauthorized band removal or movement of a baby toward an exit door, sensors will immediately warn hospital staff and automatically lock the doors. Accutech's nurse friendly systems allow caregivers to focus on attending to infant health needs while reducing the threat of an infant abduction.


Cuddles Infant Protection Solution by Accutech
ResidentGuard Wander Management Logo

Accutech's ResidentGuard wander management solution provides a secure environment for patients with Alzheimer's or dementia to move freely about their facilities while receiving the protection and care they need. The rate of people suffering from Alzheimer's in the United States could triple by the year 2050-from 5 million currently to about 13.8 million. At Accutech Security, we are keenly aware of this rapidly increasing need for facilities to provide wander management protection while maintaining the dignity of all residents.


ResidentGuard Wander Management System
Accutech Certascan System Digital Footprint Scanning
Certascan Logo

Infant security is a paramount concern for maternity wards, and baby identification is a critical part of keeping newborns safe. Footprints from birth are a recognized and viable way to uniquely identify each baby. CertaScan by Accutech is the leading provider of digital footprinting, allowing hospitals to identify infants from time of birth.


Accutech Certascan System Digital Footprint Scanning
Accutech Access Control

Accutech Access is a reliable, affordable and scalable electronic access control (EAC) solution from Accutech to monitor the movement and security of residents or patients, nursing staff and visitors. The system is directly integrated into the Residentguard wander management and Cuddles infant protection solutions, and can integrate to additional security systems when scaled to the Accutech Integrated platform.


Accutech Access Control
Kidz Pediatric Protection Solution
Kidz - Kids Protection Solution Logo

Accutech's "Kidz" pediatric elopement system provides a complete protection system to combat pediatric abduction and patient flight. The combination of our patented "Cuddles" infant protection system and Resident Guard wander management system enhances the safety of children in pediatric hospital departments. Kidz helps guard against abduction and patient elopement while providing the comfort and freedom your younger patients demand.


Kidz Pediatric Protection Solution

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