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Cuddles Infant Protection System
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"One of the key factors to us was a local source for support and maintenance. We aren't dependent on technicians having to fly in or support it remotely. They can be on-site quickly if we need them."

- C. Ann Hackett, Director of the Family Center
"Our staff loves the ease of discharging and adding babies. We don't have nuisance alarms and our safety factor has increased greatly. Service is always easy to access and responsive."
- Beth Cassidy, Maternity Director from Park Ridge Health
"I prefer the Cuddles infant protection system over our previous security system for several reasons. Cuddles is more accurate in regard to the infant location and the problem that needs to be addressed. It alerts you to a band alarm, band removal, infant removed from the unit and low tag battery. The guessing is no longer there as to what the problem may be. Thanks for the great system and support!"
- Melissa Carter, Communication specialist, Baptist Health Lexington

"The system is user-friendly and our nurses feel the soft bands on the leg do not cut the baby (like other systems). They alarm quickly if removed and Accutech representatives assist as needed and provide additional training upon request."

- Amy Buffamonte, Director of Newborn Nursery, Women's Hospital at Renaissance

"I like the Cuddles soft band/tag being on the infant’s ankle instead of tugging on their navel cord (like other systems). Parents report issues with umbilical tags when changing the diaper and are always concerned about the device tugging on the navel. The Cuddles tag/soft band are out of site and mind. This system promptly works and has gone off every time we had an infant too close to the exits."

- Rachael Winston, Director of Women’s Services, BBH – Walker Baptist Medical Center

"It's simple to use and whenever we need support, Accutech is prompt and helpful. Parents have loved that the bands are soft and don't irritate their infant’s skin. We plan on installing the Cuddles system in all new facilities."

- Chris Schroeder, OB Director, Crossing Rivers Health
Cuddles Infant Protection System
ResidentGuard Wander Management Logo

"The ResidentGuard wander management system has been one of those "set it and forget it" type of systems. All the systems are great and when we have to call for more bracelets or questions the Accutech team is extremely supportive."

- Fran Knapik, Head of Maintenance & Construction, Brookhaven Assisted Care

"We use our LC 1200 system as an elopement prevention system out our LTCSNF. It has been in use for 3 years and integrated into our existing Nurse Call System for simple and streamlined communication. It is easy to program new tags and to check in-use tag status with the ID-TAD. The LC 1200 has never had a technical issue since install and worked flawlessly any time we had an elopement risk in range of the LC 1200 receiver. The reason I like the LC 1200 is because it is easy and requires little user involvement to operate properly."

- Joseph Kummer, IT Systems Manager, Apostolic Christian Skylines

"I like the ResidentGuard wander system because it allows our residents to have freedom of movement without feeling like they are being "policed." The notification comes through on our nurse call system via computer and wireless phones, making it quiet and easy for the staff to be notified."

- Martha Martel, Executive Director, Ahava Memory Care Residence

"We installed the Accutech wander management system in 2017. It was an easy choice as I had previously replaced a Code Alert system with Accutech at another facility. Accutech is superior when it comes to reliability, as we don't have the interference issues that were becoming common with the older, out of date systems. I would highly recommend Accutech to anyone looking to install or update a wander management system."

- Shaun Kidd, Maintenance Director, Seasons Retirement Community

"The system has already been a life saver (literally!)."

- Jon Casey, Administrator, My Place Residential Care

"Since the first installation in 1988, our ResidentGuard systems have functioned flawlessly. Accutech has high-quality products, technical service and support, which allows our residents to safely roam our facility while keeping their dignity intact."

- Paul Child, Director of Building Services
ResidentGuard Wander Management System
Kidz Pediatric Protection Solution
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"We've used the Kidz system for over four years and find our system to be extremely user-friendly and reliable. Plus, Accutech is great to work with - they're always responsive to our needs. We highly recommend Accutech to other hospitals."

- Nancy Sanders, Director of Pediatrics
Kidz Pediatric Protection Solution

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