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FacilityGuard for the Healthcare Market

fs-product1FacilityGuard is a cost-effective electronic access control product from Accutech to monitor the movement of residents or patients, nursing staff and visitors. In addition to a wander management or infant protection system, multiple hardware and software components can be added to incorporate CCTV, nurse call, and a variety of other security systems into a unified interface that can be configured with different options depending on the size and scope of your facilities’ needs. FacilityGuard is the most affordable and reliable electronic access control solution available for healthcare facilities with as few as two means of egress or over one thousand.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities face a variety of issues that require proven solutions. Healthcare facilities pose a unique challenge because it is essential to balance patient accessibility with patient security. FacilityGuard will provide a cost-effective solution to meet those challenges.

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Here are some of the benefits that healthcare facilities will realize by implementing FacilityGuard.

  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate with RFID infant protection and wander management systems.
  • Secure Auditing: Historically track the movements of staff, patients and visitors through an intuitive report generator.
  • Multi-Card and Escort: Easily manage access to pharmacies, research labs, operating rooms and other highly sensitive areas by requiring multiple credentials to gain access.
  • Pathway Security: Ensure the integrity of sensitive areas such as clean rooms and research labs by easily implementing secure paths of ingress and egress.
  • Distributed Access, Centralized Control:  Implement electronic access control to all remote sites through a centrally located server based platform.
  • Control of Contractor Activity:  Assign credentials to expire after a contract is over and maintain a digital record of all system events involving contractors.
  • One Credential for Multiple Sites:  Link remote sites to a single system through the healthcare facilities existing wide-area network infrastructure; giving users access to multiple sites with just one credential.
  • Easy Card Management: Easily revoke credentials and PINs from staff, patients, visitors and contractors without the hassle of managing keys and re-keying locks.
  • Crisis Reporting and Monitoring:  Receive real-time incident. A digital record of the facility's system activity is updated in real time.
  • Simple Import and Export: Easily import and export credential holders in CSV format.
  • Live database Connectivity: Seamlessly connect to third party staff management databases for live user updates and imports.