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Infant security is a paramount concern for maternity wards, and baby identification is a critical part of keeping newborns safe. Footprints from birth are a recognized and viable way to uniquely identify each baby. CertaScan by Accutech is the leading provider of digital footprinting, allowing hospitals to identify infants from time of birth.
"We have been asking for a digital solution for footprinting for 15 years."
- Cathy Nahirny, Senior Analyst, Infant Abduction Care, NCMEC

"This new technology for a foot scanning system is a tremendous advancement in the critical need to make a speedy positive identification of newborns in abduction cases. Hospitals and law enforcement agencies alike should be excited by this new development."

- John Raburn, ACSW, Director Infant Abduction Response, NCMEC

Certascan System Benefits:

Baby's First Footprints Accutech Digital Foot Print
  • Precise indentification

  • Ease of use/nurse time efficiency

  • Special products for moms - both at hospital and online (increases patient satisfaction)

  • Benefits for the hospital
    - Enhancement of hospital reputation
    - Risk profile reduction

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What we need for a quote:
  • Amount of births per year

  • Timeline on implementation

Did you know:

  • Some states require newborn footprinting by law.

  • Today, 65% of U.S. hospitals use paper footprinting methods.

  • A majority of U.S. infant abduction attempts occur in hospitals.

  • Paper footprints are not effective in identifying missing or abandoned children.

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See our system in action

  • Hear what nurses think about digital versus ink footprinting

  • See how easy it is for nurses to use

  • Listen to what parents and media think of the technology

Baby's First Footprints Accutech Digital Foot Print
  • Cuts down on valuable nurse time (versus ink)

  • No cleanup of messy inks

  • Image does not fade over time

  • Completely mobile equipment

  • Parents have ability to access customized PDF certificate online and save/share with friends/family

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The CertaScan system combines advanced equipment and patent-pending software into an easy-to-use system for scanning newborn footprints. With world class installation, training and support services provided by the company. The implementation and use could not be easier.
  • Prints co-branded keepsake for parents

  • Web based training available whenever required

  • Prints copy for chart

  • Onsite training at installation

  • Secure portal access to electronic version (for EMR/EHR)

Baby's First Footprints Accutech Digital Foot Print
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Providing high quality infant protection in a hospital environment is easier and more affordable than ever by combining the Certascan footprint solution with the Cuddles Infant Protection System.


Printable keepsake that can be accessed via

Baby's First Footprints Accutech Digital Foot Print
Generate your own custom PDF

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What we need for a quote:
  • Amount of births per year

  • Timeline on implementation