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Accutech Access Control
Accutech Access is a reliable, affordable and scalable electronic access control (EAC) solution from Accutech to monitor the movement and security of residents or patients, nursing staff and visitors. The system is directly integrated into the Residentguard wander management and Cuddles infant protection solutions, and can integrate to additional security systems when scaled to the Accutech Integrated platform.

Accutech Electronic Access Control (EAC) Benefits

Accutech Access, electronic access control software

Accutech Access is designed exclusively for electronic access control (EAC). End users pay only for access control and can scale to integrate with the Residentguard wander management solutions.

The Access software allows for management of staff and resident badges at multiple sites, holiday/time zone scheduling, live activity view, crystal reports on all events, hardware management view and many additional features.

RS-485 Board
Compass: Industry-Standard RS-485 Access Control Board

Accutech Compass boards have an advanced circuit board design, with a high speed RabbitTM processor, and surface mount component technology. Compass boards can achieve nearly limitless capability within an extremely small footprint.

The small power module size makes them a great fit for gate controllers and other small area locations where typical access control hardware can’t fit. The Compass Intelligent Power Module (CIPM) options have the same horse power of other more expensive, larger hardware. They include very large card capacities, buffers of events and complex functionality with its use of the Dynamic Linking Tables (DLT). The power module equipment can be ordered in a 1-panel, 2-panel or 4-panel configurations

Accutech has combined its new ResidentGuard LS 2400 software with its new Accutech "Access" control system to create a turn-key, integrated access control/wander management solution that gives operators complete control of building security.
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Access Control by Accutech
Access Control Business Sources

The hospitals, schools and universities market (up 6%) slingshot past last year’s No. 1 access control segment, office buildings (even with 2015). Government and utilities also fared well with gains of 3 points apiece. Retail and entertainment venues receded by 6 points.

Access Control Business Sources

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