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Protecting “at risk” residents from the threat of elopement has become a high priority for well run skilled nursing, assisted living and rehab facilities. The ResidentGuard solution provides flexible and reliable wander management protection that seamlessly integrates with your community’s security protocols.

"The system has already been a life saver (literally!)."

- Jon Casey, Administrator, My Place Residential Care

"The ResidentGuard wander management system has been one of those "set it and forget it" type of systems. All the systems are great and when we have to call for more bracelets or questions the Accutech team is extremely supportive."

- Fran Knapik, Head of Maintenance & Construction, Brookhaven Assisted Care

"We use our LC 1200 system as an elopement prevention system out our LTCSNF. It has been in use for 3 years and integrated into our existing Nurse Call System for simple and streamlined communication. It is easy to program new tags and to check in-use tag status with the ID-TAD. The LC 1200 has never had a technical issue since install and worked flawlessly any time we had an elopement risk in range of the LC 1200 receiver. The reason I like the LC 1200 is because it is easy and requires little user involvement to operate properly."

- Joseph Kummer, IT Systems Manager, Apostolic Christian Skylines

"I like the ResidentGuard wander system because it allows our residents to have freedom of movement without feeling like they are being "policed." The notification comes through on our nurse call system via computer and wireless phones, making it quiet and easy for the staff to be notified."

- Martha Martel, Executive Director, Ahava Memory Care Residence

"We installed the Accutech wander management system in 2017. It was an easy choice as I had previously replaced a Code Alert system with Accutech at another facility. Accutech is superior when it comes to reliability, as we don't have the interference issues that were becoming common with the older, out of date systems. I would highly recommend Accutech to anyone looking to install or update a wander management system."

- Shaun Kidd, Maintenance Director, Seasons Retirement Community

"We purchased the Residentguard LC 1200 system and absolutely love it! After years of using a wander guard system with a lot of headaches, I began to look for another system that was more reliable and wouldn't cause false alarms. I found the Accutech system: the price was right and it did everything I needed it to. The system flat out works, It's awesome! We have been using it for more than 2 years without an ounce of trouble."

- Lorin Darger, Director of Environmental Services, Haven of Flagstaff

"Since the first installation in 1988, our ResidentGuard systems have functioned flawlessly. Accutech has high-quality products, technical service and support, which allows our residents to safely roam our facility while keeping their dignity intact."

- Paul Child, Director of Building Services

Allow freedom & mobility without sacrificing security

  • 60% of people with dementia/alzheimer's will wander

  • The average out of court wandering settlement is over $400,000

  • Immediate Jeopardy (IJ) elopement events can cost your community up to $10,000/day per occurance

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ResidentGuard Wander Management Systems

LC 1200 System
  • Integration into nurse call systems, electronic access control and CCTV systems
  • Elopement prevention with optional door locking upon resident approach
  • Wireless stagger tuning and multiple configuration options
  • Resident "escort" features
  • Multiple reporting options
  • Turn tags on/off
LC 2400
LC 2400

The LS 2400 wander management solution utilizes state of the art technology to deliver the most intelligent, reliable system on the market. It can be utilized as a fully-integrated or stand-alone solution:

  • Resident ID and photos available at door or nurse's station
  • Six different alarm types: Wander alarm, low tag battery, door ajar, resident loiter and system supervisory
  • Direct integration to over 15 nurse call systems
  • Wireless stagger tuning capabilities
  • Full reporting capabilities via ResidentGuard or nurse call software
  • Custom community floorplans
  • Remote tuning and configuration
  • Tri-AXIS wireless antenna delivers coverage of up to 12 feet for a single controller
  • Network addressable with appropriate integration and network device
LC 1200 System

The LC 1200 system is the ideal entry-level wander management solution for facilities seeking quick, cost-effective resident wandering protection:

  • Stand alone wander management solution
  • "Wander alarm" at specific door location
  • Wireless stagger tuning capabilities
  • Centralized alert panel
  • Dry contact nurse call integration
  • Turn tags on/off
  • Multiple resident "tag" options

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Not all wander management solutions are created equal.
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What Sets Accutech Apart?

Learn about the technology we use in our systems.
ResidentGuard systems can be seamlessly integrated with wired & wireless nurse call systems.
The system can also be integrated to paging/email, access control and CCTV systems.
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How do other wander management vendors compare?

by Accutech
Roam Alert
by Stanley Healthcare
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Code Alert
by RF Technologies
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Scalable product offering
Minimal interference (data filtering)
Scalable product offeringMinimal interference (data filtering)
by Accutech
Roam Alert
by Stanley Healthcare
by Secure Care
Code Alert
by RF Technologies
by Stanley Healthcare
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Residentguard Software

Accutech's Residentguard software gives users the ability to create custom floor plans, run crystal reports, add resident photo and tune zones remotely. The system can also be integrated to the Accutech Access electronic access control (EAC) system, or scaled up to the Accutech Integrated Solutions platform. If a community wants integration between EAC, Video and wander management.

After attaching a picture to a tag number in the software, the resident photo can be displayed at a local keypad or nurse's station. Centralized reporting on all doors and resident tags allow for easy filtering and customizable report generation that allow you to spot trends and understand system dynamics.

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