Some Common Shortfalls of Infant Protection Systems

Posted by Accutech on January 1, 1970 12:00 am

We’ve just returned from the 2012 AWHONN Annual Convention in National Harbor, MD and it was a tremendous success. Many of you stopped by to say hello or introduce yourselves and learn more about the products and systems offered by Accutech.

Some of you were gracious enough to fill out an informal product survey to help us learn more about you and the infant protection systems you use. We’re pleased to relay the results and even more pleased to learn that those of you who use Accutech’s Cuddles infant protection system are very satisfied with it and we appreciate all the positive comments.

Of 230 attendees surveyed there were some primary concerns with the infant protection systems they are currently using. And while some were satisfied with the systems in place they elaborated about the drawbacks of each.

Some survey comments addressed the wristband. Many were bothered by the number of times the band slipped off due to post-partum weight loss. Excess tightening to prevent "too loose alarms" brought more complaints from new mothers and other caregivers. The hard plastic of some bands compounded the difficulty and caused more concern.

Other survey participants mentioned the number of false alarms and the alarm fatigue that comes with it. Some false alarms occur when radio frequency interference is caused by nearby machinery or other outside signals.  They can also happen when bands slip off because of post-partum weight loss. Maintaining a safe environment can be a challenge when continuing false alarms reduce the urgency of clearing every one.

One of the last concerns cited in the survey was the need for sterilization and cleaning of umbilical security tags. These tags  can sometimes be classified under the same umbrella as surgical instruments and are required to be sent off-site for sterilization. The tags also interfere with umbilical IV administration and can’t be used in tandem with it.

The Accutech Cuddles infant protection system avoids and addresses these issues. The self-adjusting soft band compensates for post-partum weight loss and avoids the false alarms that come with slippage. The soft, cushioned band is also comfortable and won’t irritate newborn skin. Cuddles also has a very low interference rate as it operates at a unique frequency that’s just below the maximum mandated by the Department of Defense.  This makes the system less prone to outside influences that cause false alarms.

The Accutech Cuddles system also features pagers and two-way radio systems that integrate seamlessly with the wristband technology.  Our operating software has a short training time and can activate tags, admit and discharges patients, and generate reports quickly and easily.

The Accutech infant protection system is a holistic approach to securing infants when they are at their most vulnerable and avoids the common problems associated with other systems. To learn more please contact us at (800) 356-267.  And thanks again to all of our new friends from AWHONN.

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