Does the Cuddles Pulse Solution Make the Original Cuddles System Obsolete?

Posted by Accutech on January 2, 2023 2:14 pm

The Cuddles infant protection solution by Accutech Healthcare Security Solutions has been around for many years. This solution has served hospitals well, protecting babies and providing peace of mind to parents around the globe. Technology changes in the healthcare security landscape have led to the development of a new infant protection solution by Accutech — Cuddles Pulse.

While we are introducing this new technology, we want to reassure our customers that the original Cuddles system is still functional and works to protect babies effectively. Let’s take a look at the new and updated features of the Cuddles system and what this means for your hospital and the healthcare industry as a whole.

About Cuddles Pulse

Accutech Healthcare Security Solutions’ newest Cuddles Pulse boosts the effectiveness of the Cuddles system with our cutting-edge beacon technology. The Cuddles Pulse system keeps a watchful eye on infants via registered infant tags. Infants are monitored constantly through infant tags that check in every 1.5 seconds.

What value does Cuddles Pulse offer hospitals?

Unparalleled Security

Accutech Security’s infant tags now feature constant wireless communication with the Cuddles Pulse system. Tags send out a signal every 1.5 seconds to “check in” with the system. If seven of these signals are missed in a row, the system alarms. This means you’ll know if an infant is missing within just 15 seconds of a tag’s absence. That’s up to 90 seconds earlier than our competitors. All of this while still maintaining UL certification and a dedicated infrastructure that will continue to work if the server/computer goes down.

Unequaled Usability

Your daily clinical use of the Cuddles system is improved upon with additional functionality, reporting, and customizable dashboards. Cuddles Pulse brings new features to the powerful Accutech Software suite. Pulse is fully configurable via software, meaning adjustments to the system no longer require taking apart system controllers to access their internal components. Users can troubleshoot, customize, and tune zones from the software, and all receivers are now IP addressable.

Unmatched Service

We offer free 24/7/365 technical support and multiple local partner options for your convenience. There are no software license fees for the LIFE of the system, and we’ll continue to provide software upgrades and added functionality to the system at no cost to you.

Features Carried Over/Improved Upon in the Cuddles Pulse Solution

Soft, No-Slip Bracelet

Nurses and patients alike love our soft, self-adjusting bracelets. The tag never touches the baby’s sensitive skin, and the design of the band ensures that it remains secure during those early days when the infant’s weight fluctuates. The tag’s pulsing red light also provides nursing staff with a visual indication that the tag is active.

Patented Skin-Sensing Technology

The Cuddles bracelet activates an alarm if the bracelet is cut or yanked off the infant’s arm or leg. Bracelet tampering immediately alerts hospital staff and generates a perimeter lock-down to secure the patient. Our customers count on our patented, reliable technology to prevent abductions and ensure the safety of their patients every day.

Reduction in False Alarms

While other systems frequently set off false alarms due to ambient noise such as cell phones, lighting ballasts, and floor buffers, the Cuddles system uses unique RFID technology, data filtering, and changing exciter frequencies to identify and eliminate potential noise issues. Accutech is proud to be a technology leader with both Cuddles systems providing the lowest false alarm rates in the industry.

Hardware Driven, Software Enhanced

While we have made many improvements to the Cuddles product, we have maintained the philosophy of providing a system that can operate independently of the software, keeping your patients protected in the event of a computer or network failure. We have reduced the footprint of our controllers, and you’ll love the new streamlined industrial design.

Side-by-Side Comparison of Cuddles Pulse and the Cuddles System


Features Cuddles Pulse Cuddles
Skin-Sensing Technology



Works if CPU/Network Goes Down



Self-Adjusting Bands



Customizable Software (Dashboard)


Alarms When Approaching Exits



Alarms Instantly When Tag Is Removed



Alarms When a Tag Is Missing


Fully Configurable Via Software


Beacon Technology


Constant Wireless Communication With Tags


Notification Within 15 Seconds of a Missing Tag


Monitors for Thousands of Tags


Tag Warranty 6 Months 12 Months


Why the Cuddles Infant Protection System May Still Be the Right Solution for You

While the original Cuddles System’s design has been enhanced with additional features leading to the new Cuddles Pulse, the original Cuddles is still effective at providing reliable infant security. There are still plenty of reasons to choose Cuddles.

The Cuddles infant security solution continues to provide top-rated infant protection and is a cost-effective solution for many healthcare providers. If you are looking for an easy-to-use system that protects infants, makes hospital workers’ jobs easier, and helps your hospital operate effectively, then Cuddles may still be the right choice for you.

With the addition of Cuddles Pulse, you now have options for security features and enhancements.

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