Infant Abduction Tragedy Prevented In California

Posted by Accutech on August 23, 2012 6:43 pm

In early August of this year a woman was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping after posing as a nurse at Garden Grove Medical Center in southern California. Grisel Ramirez, 48, wore scrubs into a maternity ward patient room and suggested that a new mother take a shower. When the woman acquiesced and left the room Ramirez placed the infant girl into a tote bag and walked out. Fortunately the child was wearing an infant security device and an alarm was triggered.

An infant security band like this one kept an infant from harm.

Hospital staff reacted quickly and Ramirez was confronted immediately. After repeated questioning she opened her bag and the infant was recovered without harm.

After further investigation it was discovered that Ramirez had approached two other new mothers in an Anaheim hospital earlier in July. Both mothers rebuffed her questions but reported Ramirez to authorities.

Increased awareness and technology working together to prevent abductions.

Although infant abductions are rare attempts continue to be made to secure infants by women who have convinced themselves that this is the only real option for the difficulties in their lives. What may be thwarting their efforts is an increased awareness both of healthcare workers as well as the public to the warning signs of a potential abduction.

Hospitals are conducting safety tests to continue to keep hospital staff aware of the signs of attempted infant abductions and how to act to prevent tragedy. New mothers and fathers are screening their prospective hospitals not only for quality of medical care but for the safety of the institution itself. Personality traits of infant abductors are being revealed, and technology is evolving to further decrease the number of infant abductions.

Accutech is proud to contribute to infant security with our Cuddles infant protection system and support technology. The soft band is comfortable, adjustable, and visible evidence that hospital staff are aware and alert to any disruption. Accutech also offers consulting services to audit healthcare facilities and their readiness to thwart any abduction attempts and keep their newest patients safe and sound.

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