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Infant Security in Hospitals

Infant security is of the utmost importance and we know how seriously your hospital takes the security of the babies you care for. Accutech provides the essential infant protection solutions that are necessary for infant security in hospitals that address the unique safety risks that hospitals face. From the risk of infant abductions to parent/infant mismatching, Cuddles by Accutech Security covers all the necessary aspects of infant safety that hospitals need to keep their youngest patients safe and secure.

Essential Tools for Infant Security in Hospitals

  • Soft Bracelet: The Cuddles Soft Bracelet is a popular option for infants to wear comfortably around the ankle or wrist. It is light-weight and non-allergenic, which means that it won't hurt babies' delicate skin. The Cuddles Soft Bracelet is comprised of a gentle polyester blend that is soft on the skin. If the bracelet is removed or cut, an alarm will immediately activate, helping to prevent abductions and giving parents peace of mind.
  • Infant Tag: The Cuddles Infant Tag is equipped with Radio-frequency identification (RFID) to ensure the safety of infants in hospitals. Each tag has a unique ID, which allows for easy mother/infant match. Like the Soft Bracelet, if the tag is tampered with, it immediately activates an alarm to alert staff in hospitals to check on the infant's safety.

Why Are These Tools Necessary for Infant Security in Hospitals?

This traditional manual ID tag system is far too prone to human error to be relied on by hospitals. Modern tools help hospitals protect their very youngest and most vulnerable patients and ensure parents that their babies are safe and sound at all times of the day and night. Call Us at (800) 356-2671 Today for a FREE Quote!

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