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For long-term care and senior living facilities, the health and safety of residents are paramount for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, many memory care residents in these communities suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia or other conditions that leave them susceptible to elopement.

There are many nuances when it comes to providing the proper care for residents with exit seeking behaviors. But health and safety will always be of utmost importance.

This discreet wearable wander management bracelet can be seamlessly integrated with a resident’s security system technology to alert caregivers when patients have wandered from the protected zone of their community. Alarm notifications safely provide the solution caregivers need to accomplish the right balance of security and accessibility.



  • 60% of people with Alzheimer's or dementia will wander
  • The average out of court wandering settlement is over $400,000
  • Immediate Jeopardy (IJ) elopement events can cost your community up to $10,000/day per occurrence


Wandering alarms for dementia, Alzheimer's, and other at-risk residents don't have to look institutionalized and unstylish. We've created a wander management system that is specially designed to appear dignified and discreet while still offering advanced support for caregivers and residents. Our waterproof, wearable style band/tag combination is unlike any other:

  • Less institutional and more discreet for residents
  • Resembles a wearable fitness device rather than an institutional bracelet
  • Sleek and trendy, with no visual LED indicator
  • Band is replaceable, tag is reusable
  • Tracking technology plus comprehensive support
  • Advanced alert technology to ensure reliability
wearable wander management system


  • Integration into nurse call systems, electronic access control, and CCTV systems
  • Elopement prevention with optional door locking upon resident approach
  • Wireless stagger tuning and multiple configuration options
  • Resident "escort" features
  • Multiple reporting options
  • Turn tags on/off
  • Multiple tag options
  • Non-institutional band option

The LS 2400 wander management solution utilizes state of the art technology to deliver the most intelligent, reliable system on the market. It can be utilized as a fully-integrated or stand-alone solution:

  • Resident ID and photos available at the door or nurse's station
  • Six different alarm types: Wander alarm, low tag battery, door ajar, resident loiter and system supervisory
  • Direct integration to over 15 nurse call systems
  • Wireless stagger tuning capabilities
  • Full reporting capabilities via ResidentGuard or nurse call software
  • Custom community floor plans
  • Remote tuning and configuration
  • Tri-AXIS wireless antenna delivers coverage of up to 12 feet for a single controller
  • Network addressable with appropriate integration and network device

The LC 1400 system is the ideal entry-level wander management solution for facilities seeking quick, cost-effective resident wandering protection:

  • Stand-alone wander management solution
  • "Wander alarm" at specific door location
  • Wireless stagger tuning capabilities
  • Centralized alert panel
  • Dry contact nurse call integration
  • Turn tags on/off
  • Multiple resident "tag" options
  • Configured via software application

ResidentGuard systems can be seamlessly integrated with wired & wireless nurse call systems.

The system can also be integrated with paging/email, access control and CCTV systems.

Want to provide your residents with maximum freedom and safety? You can deliver both through the ResidentGuard Wander Management system from Accutech Healthcare Security Systems. Patient elopement prevention systems keep residents safe, protect your nursing home from liability, and give family members the peace of mind that comes from knowing their loved ones are in a safe environment.


Wander management alerts also make the job of patient safety easier for medical staff, caregivers, and nurses. Our comprehensive customer support program simplifies the installation and use of Accutech’s wander management system. Now you can have the proper security mechanisms in place to provide a full range of care services to elderly patients of all backgrounds, medical conditions, and memory levels. Give your residents more freedom and allow nurses more flexibility - all while keeping everyone safe and comfortable.

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There are a few key things to look for in a wander management solution that can make all the difference. You want a wander management solution that you can count on to keep your patients safe.


Learn about the technology we use in our systems.

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  • Number of doors to be protected (locks or no locks)
  • How many residents will wear our wristband
  • Do you want resident identification on alarm
  • Timeline on project installation
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Accutech has combined its new ResidentGuard LS 2400 software with its new Accutech "Access" control system to create a turn-key, integrated access control/wander management solution that gives operators complete control of building security.

information about accutech access ingress and egress points


Accutech's ResidentGuard software gives users the ability to create custom floor plans, run crystal reports, add resident photos and tune zones remotely. The system can also be integrated into the Accutech Access electronic access control (EAC) system or scaled up to the Accutech Integrated Solutions platform (to be released in Q2). This would provide a community with the ability to integrate electronic access control, video, and water management. 

After attaching a picture to a tag number in the software, the resident photo can be displayed at a local keypad or nurse's station. Centralized reporting on all doors and resident tags allow for easy filtering and customizable report generation that allow you to spot trends and understand system dynamics.

Remotely tune and configure wander zones

Run crystal reports on any event or resident within the system

Remotely tune and configure wander zones

Customized community floor plan with event notification and reporting


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Scalable product offering Non-Institutional Band
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ResidentGuard Buyer's Guide:

Help your prospects compare and choose the right wander management system solution for their community.

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ResidentGuard Infographic:

Help prospects understand their liability/exposure and help them take the next steps to secure their community.

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ResidentGuard Checklist:

Do your prospects know what to look for in a wander management solution? This checklist walks through everything they need to know.

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Security Applications For Healthcare Facilities

Research shows that 6 in every 10 persons with dementia will wander at least one time. Wondering how our ResidentGuard Wander Management Systems can help with assisted living, senior living communities, and other healthcare facilities? Read on to discover just a few features to assist in senior care wander management. 

Hospital Wander Management Solutions

Areas, sounds, and people are often unfamiliar to anyone completing a hospital stay. But for at-risk residents with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other conditions, this heightened sense of unfamiliarity could increase the likelihood of wandering. Distorted sleep can also cause increased confusion and promote elopement behavior. Research shows at times of high activity like meals and nurse shift changes the potential of wandering risk is elevated. Our fully customized wander management is equipped to manage the needs and goals of any long-term care facility. ResidentGuard also integrates with your care center’s current security system, mobile devices, and nurse stations.

Solutions For Assisted Living and Senior Living Communities

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, it is estimated that 36% of people with Alzheimer's disease live in senior living communities, and 65% of assisted living residents will wander. 45% of these wandering incidents happen within 48 hours of entering a new residence. Even for at-risk residents, monitored freedom is vital in these communities. Our perimeter-based senior care wander management solutions provide supportive mobility for residents to interact with one another on a daily basis in living spaces, common areas, visitor centers, and more. The ResidentGuard wearable and discreet bracelet allow for regular supervision without imposing on individual freedoms. Make sure the right assisted living wander management system is in place for the safety of your residents and community.  

Wander Management FAQs

Patient safety is a primary concern for many senior living communities, healthcare facilities, and other agencies that work with high-risk patients. Resident elopements can be prevented with a reliable, user-friendly system like ResidentGuard. Minimizing elopement risk is the right thing to do, but you may need more information before you commit to securing the benefits of our resident elopement system.

Before deciding if a wander management system is right for your facility, or which solution provides the best protection, read the frequently asked questions below and discover the benefits of our wander management technology.

Accutech Healthcare Security Solutions is happy to answer any questions you have about our patient elopement solution. Feel free to contact a representative today. For your convenience, we have also answered some frequently asked questions below.

Why is patient elopement prevention technology necessary?

Wander behavior occurs primarily in seniors who have cognitive issues or memory loss due to a disease. For instance, an elderly adult who has Alzheimer’s disease may be experiencing symptoms of dementia. Dementia is recognizable by a senior’s diminished cognitive abilities, memory loss, confusion, forgetfulness, and other symptoms of cognitive decline (Alzheimer’s Association).

Seniors who are unable to think clearly or make sound decisions can become a danger to themselves. They may wander out of a safe area of a senior living community due to confusion, stress, or anxiety. Accutech’s ResidentGuard patient elopement system grew out of the need to protect elders in a reliable, effective way. Our system is designed to help staff care for and protect residents while also allowing for patient privacy, freedom, and normalcy.

What makes ResidentGuard different from other wander management solutions?

Are you comparing several different patient elopement systems to see which is right for you? Learn why you should choose ResidentGuard. The ResidentGuard system is superior to other solutions on the market, and we are the industry leader for a few reasons:

  • We’ve designed comfortable, flexible, discreet bracelets that won’t fall off and come with helpful components such as the ability to turn tags on/off and verify tag numbers.
  • Accutech has developed this wander management system over several decades, ensuring a stable and reliable product. 
  • We are singularly focused on providing solutions in the healthcare space, which means we understand the day-to-day challenges you face. We designed an all-encompassing solution with ResidentGuard that functions reliably to prevent elopements. Our system also takes into consideration the needs and concerns of the care providers.
  • We made our system user-friendly because those who manage patient care, whether in a hospital or elderly care community, are busy. You don’t have time to waste learning a confusing system that is more complicated than it needs to be. The ResidentGuard system is simple, can be operated easily by staff, doesn’t require a great deal of technical support, and removes the hassle, leaving you more time to care for your patients.

Does your wander prevention system come with technical support?

At Accutech, we understand that technical issues can arise with any system, no matter how advanced it may be. That's why we offer 24/7 phone and remote support for our Wander Prevention System, ensuring that our customers receive the assistance they need whenever they need it.

Our certified dealers are highly trained to install and support your ResidentGuard product, giving you the peace of mind that your system is reliable and functioning properly. We value our customers and make sure they receive the best technical support possible.

Are the ResidentGuard wander bracelets comfortable?

When it comes to wearable technology in healthcare, comfort is key. That's why Acutech takes pride in providing a solution that goes beyond a medical ID tag. Our ResidentGuard wander bracelets are soft, flexible, and unobtrusive, making them far more comfortable for patients to wear than traditional options.

Our sleek design resembles that of a fitness device, rather than a medical accessory, which reduces the stigma and anxiety that can come with such devices. Plus, with replacement bands and reusable tags, our bracelets are also durable and cost-effective. At Acutech, we aim to prioritize patient comfort and experience, and the ResidentGuard wander bracelets are just one example of how we're doing it.

Is the ResidentGuard wander management system affordable?

Affordability is an important consideration when choosing a wander management system. We are dedicated to providing the best wander management security device on the market and that includes offering it at an affordable price.

Every senior care facility should be able to afford to purchase the security solutions they need to protect elders in their care. The cost will vary depending on your project’s scope. For instance, how large is your facility? How many access points need protecting? Complete the form below or call us for a quote on your wander management installation project.

Contact a ResidentGuard representative:

What we need for a quote:

  • Number of doors to be protected (locks or no locks)
  • How many residents will wear our wristband
  • Do you want resident identification on alarm
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