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Infant Security Bracelets

Cuddles is an infant protection system designed to prevent newborn abductions in hospitals and birthing centers.

  • Unparalleled Real-Time Monitoring
  • Reliable Independent Operation
  • Cost-Effective and Scalable Solution

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Accutech's Infant Security System:
Real-Life Testimonials from Satisfied Users

Every baby needs to be safe, secure, and well cared for. How can hospitals take their security systems to the next level? By using advanced technology, nurses get the flexibility they need to provide seamless care to patients while keeping your facilities' protected zones intact in real-time - ensuring that safety is never compromised. With caring nurses, skilled doctors, attentive hospital staff, and advanced security technology, your patients are in the best of hands. 

From the moment a baby is born, you want to keep them safe. Unfortunately, even within the confines of a hospital, danger lurks and the risk of abduction is present. Prevention is possible with the right balance of security and accessibility to give your patients both the freedom and safety they need.

With more than 35 years of experience, there's a reason the Cuddles infant protection system is the market leader. Call Accutech Healthcare Security Solutions today to find out more about how installing an infant safety system in your facility is a great benefit for you, your staff, and your patients.

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With the Cuddles Pulse Infant Protection system, your healthcare facility can take advantage of the following technologies:

  • Automatic tag check-in every 1.5 seconds. An alarm will sound if the tag goes missing within 15 seconds (up to 90 seconds earlier than the competition)
  • Stand-alone and independent systems that won't go down even if your network does
  • Automated tag transfers allow nurses to focus more on patient care and less on administrative duties
  • Bands that can be used on babies of all sizes without false alarms
  • Scalable, intuitive software with no recurring costs
  • Door controllers that will respond to each baby's infant security tag and lock doors or sound an alarm when a patient is not cleared to exit.
  • The ability to integrate with your current video surveillance system



  • 4 seconds is all it takes for an abductor to leave a room with a baby and make a hasty exit.
  • The majority of U.S. infant abductions occur in hospitals.


Find out why the Cuddles Infant Protection Systems are preferred by nursing and security professionals throughout the world. As manufacturers obsolete their infant protection solutions, hospitals are being forced to replace their existing systems. Before you invest in a new system, see how Cuddles stacks up against the Hugs infant protection system.

Cuddles vs Hugs infant protection systems


  • Eliminate unnecessary room visits
  • Improve baby comfort
  • Create peace of mind for mom and other family members

Searching For An Infant Security System?
Not all infant protection systems are created equal.

Improved beaconing technology, comfortable and tamper-proof infant bracelets, fewer false alarms, streamlined admittance, and discharge—these are just a few of the benefits offered by our hospital infant security system. Unfortunately, not all infant ID bracelets and systems provide the same advanced technology and peace of mind. Our Buyer’s Guide offers a complete guide to evaluating infant monitoring systems, alarms, tags, and support. 


Learn about the technology we use in our hospital infant security systems.

Contact a Cuddles representative:

What we need for a quote:

  • Amount of doors to be protected (locks or no locks)
  • Floor plan
  • Timeline on project installation


Our easy-to-use Cuddles hospital infant security system software enables you to admit and discharge babies and generate reports more simply and quickly than ever before. No enrollment is necessary for instant protection, and on-site staff training can be completed in minutes. There are only six different alarm types in the software.

Multi-floor monitoring, event escalation, and auto-transfer capabilities are available, and the software can be updated for free to ensure that you're always operating with the latest features and benefits.

All receivers on the new generation software are IP addressable, and we can troubleshoot or customize zones from our software. We’ve also shrunk the receivers and reduced the footprint of the controllers surrounding the door.

At Accutech, we believe in providing world-class support for all our customers, for everyone choosing to partner with us with our latest healthcare security technology & those who have partnered with us with our security solutions. We will continue to manufacture, supply & service our Cuddles BR4200 system.

Cuddles systems can be seamlessly integrated with wired & wireless nurse call systems.

The system can also be integrated into paging, access control, and CCTV systems.

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Automatic Tag Check-Ins

When not in an alarm state, the Cuddles Pulse tags send out a signal every 1.5 seconds to check in with the system. If seven of these signals are missed in a row, the system will notify your staff and can lock down the floor within 15 seconds of a tag’s presence not being detected. That’s up to 90 seconds earlier than our competitors!

No More "Too Loose" Alarms!

Experience the Cuddles light-weight, self-adjusting band that fits snugly and comfortably around the baby’s ankle. Made of an ultra-soft polyester blend, the bracelet won’t cut or chafe the skin, and won’t fall off due to movement or changes in weight. The tag will never come in contact with the baby’s skin.

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What happens if the infant ID bracelet is cut or removed?

If this were to occur, the soft bracelet immediately activates an alarm—preventing abductions and ensuring the continued safety and security of the infant wearing it.

Computer Enhanced, Not Dependent!

Only 7 alarm types and FREE upgrades for the life of your system.

If your computer goes down, our hospital infant security system is still hard at work. Our easy-to-use software only has seven alarm types and enables you to activate tags, admit and discharge patients and generate reports more simply and quickly than ever before.

Multi-floor monitoring and auto-transfer capabilities are available. Rest assured you always have the newest version of our software with free upgrades and no maintenance agreements required.

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Other Reasons to Implement Cuddles At Your Facility

You may think your hospital is safe with cameras, locks, and dedicated security staff, but surveillance equipment alone cannot always prevent infant abductions. While protecting infants is reason enough to install effective security equipment, there are a few other benefits to the Cuddles Infant Protection System:

Reduce Your Liability

The Cuddles infant protection system ensures the safety of infants in hospitals and healthcare facilities, provides peace of mind to parents and staff, and improves operational efficiency.

certascan digital footprinting logo

Infant security is a paramount concern for maternity wards, and baby identification is a critical part of keeping newborns safe. Footprints from birth are a recognized and viable way to uniquely identify each baby. CertaScan by Accutech is the leading provider of digital footprinting, allowing hospitals to identify infants from the time of birth.



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Automatic tag check ins every 1.5 seconds
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Automatic tag check ins every 1.5 seconds Scalable product offering Minimal interference (data filtering)
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Help prospects understand their liability/exposure and help them take the next steps to ultimate patient protection with hospital infant security systems.

Integrated infant security system for seamless care

Buyer's Guide

Help your prospects compare and choose the right hospital infant security system.

Choosing the right infant protection system

Healthcare Security & Infants ID Bracelets FAQs

You’ve probably heard of infant bracelets or newborn tracking systems, but you may not know much about how an infant security solution works. Accutech Healthcare Security Solutions has representatives that are happy to answer any questions you have about newborn security systems in hospitals. Reach out now to speak to a member of our team. You can also read through the infant security Q&As below.

How Does the Cuddles Infant Protection Solutions Work?

Accutech’s infant abduction system works by combining soft, comfortable newborn bracelets with an electronic infant monitoring system. If someone tries to remove a baby without authorization, the system will alert nursing staff of the breach. Other protective mechanisms are in place, such as alerts that go off if someone should try to remove the bracelet/baby tag. Newborns are safe and secure with the Cuddles protection system, providing peace of mind to parents, while reducing liability and improving nurse efficiency.

Is a Medical Baby ID Bracelet Different From an Infant Security ID Bracelet?

Yes, medical ID bracelets are used to identify patients currently staying at a hospital. This is typically a plastic tag with a label containing the patient’s name or other identifying information on the bracelet. Medical IDs are not used for infant security. The Cuddles infant security band is made of soft material that is comfortable and safe for newborns’ sensitive skin, but it is also secure. This band is used to protect the baby from unauthorized removal from a hospital or maternity ward. Inside the bracelet is an electronic device that connects with a perimeter protection system.

Can Infant Protection Bracelets Fall Off?

Because babies are all different sizes, Accutech’s Cuddles band is designed to be flexible and adjustable. However, it is also made to be secure and not easily removed. The bracelet should not fall off, and it should not be easy to remove unless properly unfastened by a nurse or cut off. If the band is cut off or removed, an alarm will alert nursing staff, which sets off an immediate response to recover the infant before the child is removed from the hospital.

Is the Cuddles Infant Protection System Easy for Hospital Staff to Manage?

Accutech’s infant protection system was created to be simple and reliable, and the tagging system is easy to use. Our solution fits the workflow of maternity ward nurses, so they can protect their little patients while focusing on patient care.


How do hospitals prevent babies from being stolen?

Hospitals use a variety of security measures to protect newborns, including controlled access to maternity units and camera surveillance. One of the most effective measures is the use of infant protection systems like Cuddles that attach a tamper-proof bracelet to the baby's ankle immediately after birth. If someone attempts to remove the tag or take the infant out of the designated area, alarms will sound.

Do hospitals put trackers on babies?

Yes, many hospitals use infant security systems, such as the Cuddles Infant Protection system. These systems employ bracelets with embedded sensors that are placed on the baby's ankle. These bracelets communicate with a system that monitors the location of the baby within the hospital. If the bracelet is tampered with or the baby is moved outside of a designated area, an alarm is triggered.

What is an infant security system?

An infant security system is a technology solution designed to protect infants in healthcare facilities. These systems use wearable tags or bracelets attached to the infant, which send signals to a central monitoring system. If the tag is tampered with or the infant is taken beyond a certain boundary, the system triggers an alarm. Systems like Cuddles also offer real-time location tracking and integrate with existing hospital systems.

Contact a Cuddles representative:

What we need for a quote:

  • Amount of doors to be protected (locks or no locks)
  • Floor plan
  • Timeline on project installation