When it comes to protecting your smallest patients, there is no such thing as being too careful. That's why it's important to choose an infant protection system that meets the highest standards of safety and security.


Comfort is of utmost importance for every infant, and an infant protection bracelet shouldn’t harm an infant in any way. Our ultra soft polyester blend bracelet puts infants’ comfort first and won’t cut or chafe their delicate skin. While it’s soft, it’s also secure. From the smallest of preemies to full-term babies, our self-adjusting bracelet will stay safe and secure on infants of any size.

We all know that the first hours of a baby’s life are crucial. These hours are full of change including initial weight loss. Guarantee that all infants stay secure with the Cuddles self-adjusting bracelet that will adapt to each baby’s fluctuating weight. By self-adjusting to each baby’s weight changes, the bracelet won’t fall off or become loose when little ones wiggle around. And since the bracelet stays nice and secure, false alarms triggered by postpartum weight loss are avoided.


“Our parents love the soft, stretchy bands because they provide exceptional comfort and security for their newborns.”

—Sally Johnson, Director of Maternity

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The safety of every infant is a top concern in any obstetric or pediatric environment. An infant protection tag should be reliable as well as small, lightweight, and easy to keep clean. The Cuddles bracelet satisfies those requirements and its design means it will never hinder an infant’s movement since only the soft, adjustable band touches the infant’s skin.

While the tag rests securely on the infant’s bracelet, never coming in contact with their skin, a pulsating red light is also easily visible to nurses as a continuous visual indication that the tag is active. Equipped with patented skin-sensing technology, the Cuddles bracelet activates an alarm in the case that it is cut or yanked off an infant’s arm or leg. When a bracelet or tag is tampered with, an alarm is activated to alert staff so the perimeter of the unit can be secured. Be comforted with the most reliable technology to deter and prevent infant abduction attempts and ensure the safety and security of every infant.



Maintain constant security and safety of your obstetric and pediatric floors with an infant protection system that is not dependent on a PC or server. This means if your network or PC were to fail, your secure perimeter remains intact and all alarms will continue to fully function. Be sure every infant is protected from the moment they are born with no enrollment necessary for instant protection.

Should your software ever crash, you can rest assured knowing your infant protection system is still fully functional and every infant is secure. Cuddles is the only infant protection system that is software enhanced, not software dependent.


Know that your alarm system is reliable with fewer false alarms. Our Cuddles system uses unique RFID technology, data filtering, and changing exciter frequencies to identify and eliminate potential noise issues. Many other systems generate false alarms because of the communication frequency used in the system. These false alarms are usually triggered by ambient noise like mobile phones, lighting ballasts, and floor buffers.

The Cuddles infant protection system operates at a unique frequency (418 MHz), just below the maximum requirement mandated by the Department of Defense, making it the most interference-free system on the market and reducing hassle and disturbance triggered by false alarms. Want even fewer false alarms? In addition to minimizing false alarms due to ambient noise, the Cuddles system also eliminates “loose band” alarms as its self-adjusting bracelet always remains safe and secure on every infant. Wondering about compliance? Wonder no more; the Cuddles system is compliant with all NFPA, FCC, NEC, CA, ETL, and JCAHO requirements.


With a simple system in their hands, nurses can activate tags as well as admit and discharge patients in moments. Easy-to-use hardware and software work seamlessly, enabling nurses to spend less time managing a “system” and more time focusing on what matters most: caring for moms and babies.



The need for real-time notifications and response is essential in the case of infant abduction. An infant protection system is only effective if it can relay the right information at the right time to the right people. It should also be able to seamlessly integrate with platforms and devices that already exist within staff processes.

Your infant protection system should simplify your process, not add complexity. Think about how your infant protection system integrates with your:

  • Nurse call system
  • Electronic access control (EAC)
  • CCTV/camera system
  • Pagers, beepers, or any other mobile devices carried by caregivers
  • RTLS system
  • iOS or Android devices
  • Any other internal systems that will enable your infant protection system to work seamlessly within your facility

With the Cuddles infant protection system, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips. Whether it’s with our handheld Identification Tag Activator/Deactivator (IDTAD) or the stationary Test Tag Station (TTS), you can see all the details of a particular infant’s tag. Each will let you see the remaining battery life, warranty date, and program number of every tag. Gain even more insight with the ability to see tag notes and report on all tag data with the Test Tag Station.


Get the support you need when and where you need it. Take advantage of the industry’s most comprehensive customer support program with free 24-hour technical support and a full one-year warranty. Should anything go wrong on-site, one of our local authorized dealers will be there to service the system—no need to wait for a technician to fly in from the factory.

“One of the key factors to us was a local source for support and maintenance. We aren’t dependent on technicians having to fly in or support it remotely. They can be on-site quickly if we need them.”

—Coral Ann Hackett, Director of the Family Center


Choosing an infant protection system is a big commitment of both finances and resources. A system this important takes time to implement and should be one that you feel confident in for years to come. Make sure you are making the best decision for your facility by asking the right questions of your potential vendor.

  1. Do you offer just one infant protection solution or multiple options based on budget and needs?
  2. What customization options does your system offer?
  3. What integration options does your system offer?
  4. Can your system lock doors and stop elevators if needed?
  5. Is there an option for a comprehensive system without the need for a computer? Conversely, is there an integrated software platform as a potential upgrade?
  6. Where will there be remotes, LCD screens, alarms, etc.?
  7. What does it look like to manage the system day-to-day?
  8. What does the admittance/discharge process look like?
  9. Will the system still work if a PC or server stops working?
  10. What happens if a baby is born when a PC or server is down? Will the tag still work and be able to protect the infant?
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Alarms That Are Right For You

  1. Is your system shielded from RF interference from things like cell phones or floor buffers? How is this accomplished?
  2. How precise is your alarm capability? Can it distinguish between multiple floors or two doors that are close together?
  3. Does your system have more than one type of alarm, and how does staff differentiate between these alarms?
  4. When an abduction alarm is set off, who is notified, how, and where? Do we have configuration options?
  5. Is there reporting easily available (locally and centrally) so you can see recent alarms with a date/time stamp?

The Right Fit For Infant Tags and Bands

  1. Do I need to throw away the tags at 12 months, or can I keep using them past the warranty period? Can the tags be turned on and off when not in use?
  2. Can you see the exact battery percentage and warranty date from a tag test station or handheld device?
  3. Is there multiple-floor monitoring?
  4. Do your tags identify specific infants?
  5. When an abduction alarm is set off, can we tell which infant it is?
  6. How comfortable is your band/tag?
  7. Will an alarm be set off if the baby loses weight after birth and the tag is loose? Will an alarm be generated every time a tag is simply too loose or only when it is removed?
  8. How quickly does the system respond when a band is removed?
  9. Is mother-baby match available? And how much does the mother-baby match cost?

Technical Support & Support

  1. What is the training and implementation process? What is the cost?
  2. What technical support is available?
  3. Who installs the system?
  4. Who will support the system?
  5. How much will it cost for annual software upgrades?

What Sets Accutech’s Infant Security System Apart From the Competition?

Accutech provides high-quality infant security systems to healthcare providers throughout the United States and the world. We are proud to offer an affordable security product that can help medical personnel do their jobs efficiently. With so many people coming and going, the hospital environment can be difficult to secure, which is why installing a security system designed for newborn infants is so important.

Accutech has thought of every aspect of your infant protection solution. We provide:

  • A lightweight, self-adjusting, ultrasoft band that won’t harm a baby’s skin.
  • Tamper detection is provided with our Cuddles bands.
  • An infant protection solution that is not dependent on a server or computer system.
  • Customized, scalable solutions for different types of medical facilities, so your infant protection system can grow with your healthcare facility.
  • Our system is reliable and easy to use, with multiple alert types for less confusion.
  • An infant protection solution that can integrate with other security systems you already have in place.

A hospital should be a safe place for newborn patients, visitors, and employees. With the right infant security system combined with other security solutions, you can protect everyone at your facility.


If you are looking to save on your infant protection systems, make sure to take note of the ongoing costs for support from each provider. Accutech is committed providing cost-effective solutions that will save you money in yearly licensing, training, and support fees.

We understand the importance of quality service, which is why we are dedicated to supporting our customers for the life of their products.

Benefits of Infant Protection for Hospitals

Protecting infants from harm is the primary benefit of installing an infant security system at your hospital, but there are other pros to infant abduction prevention. It’s important for hospital systems to evaluate the worth of products thoroughly and compare and weigh costs with the value proposition they bring.

Accutech’s Cuddles product has a number of benefits for hospitals:

Bring Peace of Mind to Parents

Infant protection systems are a practical way for hospitals to show their commitment to providing patient safety and peace of mind for parents. Installing an infant protection system demonstrates that the hospital values the health and security of its patients, particularly those who are too young to communicate their needs. Not only can the Cuddles system help prevent kidnapping or abduction attempts, but it also offers parents assurance that their child is safe, allowing them to focus on the care their child needs during this vulnerable time.

Improve Your Hospital’s Reputation

When your hospital is known around town as the safest place to deliver babies, not only will you feel proud of your accomplishments and track record, but you won’t have to worry about filling up your maternity ward. Additionally, the protective bracelet is soft against a baby's skin, making parents happier with the monitoring system and improving overall patient satisfaction scores.

Reduce Staff Turnover

Accutech's Cuddles system is a great choice for hospitals looking to reduce liability. With its advanced security features, insurance premiums can go down, potential lawsuits are prevented, and money is saved. It takes the hassle out of protecting patients - allowing hospitals to focus on providing the best care. Hospital staff can breathe easy knowing that Accutech's Cuddles product has their back.

Increased Brand Awareness

Hospitals with up-to-date technology and modern features are what most parents and patients are looking for. If you want to improve your hospital’s brand and expand your healthcare reach, make sure you give the people what they want.

Reduce Liability

Insurance premiums can go down when you have security features that prevent incidents. You could prevent lawsuits, save money, and avoid a lot of hassle.

Although your primary concern is the safety of the infants in your care, that doesn’t mean there aren’t added benefits to obtaining Accutech’s Cuddles Infant Protection Solution. Click here for case studies of our Cuddles product in action.

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