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The Kidz pediatric patient elopement system combines the technologies of our Cuddles soft tracking bracelet and our state-of-the-art wander management system to create a functional platform that can monitor young patients and prevent a child from leaving a protected area. Parents can feel confident that their child is safe and secure, and hospitals can prevent elopement incidents.

Door locks are not always enough to prevent wandering behavior. A pediatric patient elopement system can be put in place in children’s hospitals, emergency departments, medical facilities, and other healthcare locations where children spend a significant amount of time. Child elopement is something that can be prevented with a working system that is non-invasive and practical.



  • Combining the unique capabilities of Cuddles infant protection and ResidentGuard wander management systems
  • Only six different alarm types
  • No enrollment necessary
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Our Kidz system protects children of all ages who have been hospitalized under different circumstances including those with unique needs. Children with developmental disabilities or other special needs, such as autism spectrum disorder, require extra care to prevent elopement without feeling tethered to one place. Tracking bracelets combined with a monitoring system can prevent elopement while keeping patients protected in a non-invasive way.

If your hospital serves children, you and your staff will benefit greatly from implementing an elopement system as part of your safety measures. Families of children with medical conditions, behavioral concerns, or developmental issues can feel more secure with their loved one at a hospital that has a safety plan and system in place.


Our easy-to-use Kidz Pediatric Elopement prevention system software enables you to admit and discharge patients and generate reports more simply and quickly than ever before. No enrollment is necessary for instant protection, and on-site staff training can be completed in minutes. There are only six different alarm types in the software for minimal false alarms and ease of use.

Multi-floor monitoring, event escalation, and auto-transfer capabilities are available, and the software can be updated for free to ensure that you're always operating with the latest features and benefits.

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Patient safety is a top priority for every healthcare facility that works with children. By using a security band and an elopement management system, your building can be safe for children of all ages, allowing them to get the care they need and providing peace of mind to parents of children who are hospitalized.

With elopement being a common problem in hospitals, you can set your facility apart by implementing a wander management solution today. Make sure your hospital is one that puts patients’ security on the top of the list of safety features you improve this year. Contact Accutech Healthcare Security Solutions for more information.

Pediatric Elopement Frequently Asked Questions

Even the best caregiver in the world can’t prevent a child from wandering under every circumstance, which is why incorporating Accutech’s Kidz patient elopement system is so important. This system adds a thick layer of wander prevention, gives parents peace of mind, reduces liability risk for hospitals and medical providers, and saves children’s lives.

You are bound to have questions about how our Kidz wander system prevents a flight occurrence from happening. Here are a few common questions we receive. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to Accutech Healthcare Security Solutions directly to talk to a representative about your healthcare security concerns.

Why is pediatric elopement technology necessary?

Elopement behavior occurs for different reasons but is a particular risk for children with intellectual disabilities. Kids with a diagnosis of ASD (autism spectrum disorder) are known to engage in elopement behavior. While the cause of all flight behavior has not been thoroughly studied, the risks associated with this behavior are clear. Children who escape from a healthcare facility unaccompanied by an adult can become lost, hurt, or face other serious dangers (American Academy of Pediatrics). The Kidz system grew out of the need to protect kids with flight inclinations, no matter their causes. In the past, your only option after a child’s elopement was to call a local law enforcement agency. Kidz utilizes technology designed to prevent elopement and works for all children who attempt to wander from a secure environment such as a hospital, pediatric ward, or pediatric center. Now you can prevent elopement before it occurs.

What makes Kidz different from other elopement systems?

If you are worried about children wandering from a medical facility, you may think that any pediatric elopement system will do the job, but child elopement systems are not all equally effective. The Kidz system has been developed over decades, ensuring that this solution is the most successful at preventing child elopement and the outcomes that could follow. The Kidz system is user-friendly, reducing the time it takes to enroll and monitor patients and leaving hospital staff with more time for patient care. The monitoring of patient wandering is the most important part of an elopement system. While our competitors tout solutions that use WiFi, the Kidz system relies on a unique frequency transmission that eliminates false alarms and won’t go down due to internet outages. Plus, Accutech’s pediatric wander management solution is non-invasive and unobtrusive, so you get safe, dependable security without a lot of hassle or inconvenience.

Does your elopement prevention system come with technical support?

Yes! Our pediatric wander security solution comes with 24/7 phone and remote support Additionally, our local dealers are highly trained and offer first-class service and technical support. You can rest assured that help is there when you need it.

Are the Kidz wander bracelets comfortable?

Unlike medical ID bracelets, which are made of hard plastic and can be painful to wear, the Kidz elopement band is soft, flexible, adjustable, and comfortable, while remaining secure. Our bands are also unobtrusive to promote confidence and patient privacy.

Is the Kidz patient elopement system affordable?

Accutech is proud to offer affordable security solutions because we believe that all hospitals and healthcare facilities should be able to purchase the security equipment they need to protect patients, staff, visitors, and property. As with any solution, the cost will vary depending on the scope of your project, the size of the area you need to protect, and the number of access points. However, when compared to the competition, Kidz is one of the most cost-effective solutions available. Fill out the form below or call us for a quote on your pediatric elopement security project.

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