Accutech Access Brochure

Accutech Access control solutions are powered by the Intelli-Site platform and can be designed to meet your security needs, regardless of size or sophistication, without overwhelming you or your IT team with unnecessary complexity.

A women using her work id to gain access to restricted area at work

Accutech Access Control Resource

Operators now have complete control, thanks to the integration of our ResidentGuard LS 2400 with the cutting-edge Accutech "Access" control system.

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Certascan Footprinting Information Sheet

Learn more about the digital footprinting capabilities Accutech offers in this information sheet.

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Cuddles Infant Protection Buyer's Guide

Help your prospects compare and choose the right infant protection solution for their hospital.

Choosing the right infant protection system

Cuddles Case Study - Ashley County Medical Center

Learn how Ashley County Medical Center improved their security with Cuddles Infant Protection.

Ashley County PDF

Cuddles Case Study - Baptist Health

Discover how Cuddles revolutionized patient care at Baptist Health, saving an impressive 240 staff hours annually and ensuring the safety of 4,000 precious newborns each year. Learn why hospitals across the nation are embracing Cuddles with open arms!


Cuddles Case Study - McAlester Center

Discover how MRHC seamlessly integrated Cuddles into their existing hospital security solutions, enhancing the safety and protection of their facility. Learn how this innovative partnership revolutionized patient care at McAlester Center!

McAlester Center literature

Cuddles Checklist

Do your prospects know what to look for in an infant protection system? This checklist walks through everything they need to know.

Cuddles Pulse - Finding the Right Infant Protection

Cuddles Infographic

Help prospects understand their liability/exposure and help them take the next steps to securing their hospital.

Cuddles Infographic

Cuddles Vs. Hugs

Discover how Cuddles, the innovative infant security solution, outshines its competition.

Cuddles Vs Hugs 2022

Delayed Egress Controller

Continue using competitor systems while reaping the benefits of Accutech's leading wander management systems.


Infant Protection and WiFi

Before opting for WiFi for your chosen infant protection solution, take a moment to review this crucial assessment of the infrastructure

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Kidz Infographic

Accutech's Kidz pediatric patient elopement system draws on the unique capabilities of our Cuddles infant protection, and ResidentGuard wander management systems.

Kidz Protecting Patient

ResidentGuard Buyer's Guide

Assist your prospects in making informed decisions by providing them with a comprehensive comparison and selection guide for the ideal wander management system solution tailored to their community's needs.

choosing the right wander management system buyers guide cover

ResidentGuard Wander Management Case Study

Discover how ResidentGuard strikes the perfect balance by providing residents with the essential mobility they require while ensuring their safety remains uncompromised.

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ResidentGuard Checklist

Ensure your prospects are well-equipped with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision when selecting a wander management solution. This detailed checklist covers all the essential factors they should consider.

finding the right wander management system infographic

ResidentGuard Cut Sheet

The LC 1400 & LS 2400 systems are designed to provide facilities with a swift and budget-friendly resident wandering protection solution. Discover how these systems offer optimal functionality for those seeking an entry-level option.

image of pdf for LC1400

ResidentGuard Infographic

Unveil the complexities of liability and exposure to prospects through our informative ResidentGuard infographic. This visually appealing resource will not only raise awareness but also guide prospects toward taking proactive measures to secure their community.

ResidentGuard Infographic

ResidentGuard Scorecard

Discover why senior care centers are choosing ResidentGuard LS 2400 over WanderBlue. See the key advantages and benefits that make ResidentGuard the preferred choice.

front page of ResidentGuard LS 2400 scorecard

Tag Comparison List

In a world where everything is just a click away, it's crucial for nurses to have the same convenience and accessibility. Discover how our tags can empower your nurses by providing them with everything they want and need right at their fingertips.

Baby Tag Comparison

Wander Management Infographic

Discover the key features to consider when assessing potential wander management solutions. Stay informed and make the right choice for your facility.