Hospital Security Solutions

When it comes to safety and security in your hospital, finding a reliable partner is crucial. The team at Accutech Healthcare Security Solutions specializes in creating custom, high-quality security systems tailored to your hospital's needs, including top-of-the-line systems for infant protection, wander management, and access control. With Accutech's support, you can be confident that your hospital or healthcare facility is always protected. Contact us today to find ways to help keep your facility safe and secure.

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ResidentGuard Wander Management

When caring for patients with Alzheimer's or dementia, maintaining a balance between freedom and safety can be challenging for hospital staff. Our ResidentGuard wander management system allows patients to move freely within hospital premises while also receiving necessary care. The system employs a wander wearable bracelet that ensures the patient's safety and security while still allowing them to be independent and mobile.

This innovative solution is revolutionizing the healthcare industry worldwide, especially for organizations caring for long-term patients. Accutech's state-of-the-art technology enables hospitals to enhance the patient's experience while delivering top-quality care.

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Kidz Pediatric Elopement

The safety of young patients in pediatric hospitals is of utmost importance, and Acutech's Kidz pediatric elopement system is designed specifically for this purpose. Accutech's patented Cuddles infant protection system and ResidentGuard wander management system work together to provide comprehensive protection against both abduction and patient elopement. This innovative technology enhances safety and provides the comfort and freedom that younger patients require.

With easy-to-use tracking bracelets and monitoring systems, the system promotes elopement prevention and allows for quick reporting, instant protection, and minimal false alarms. By utilizing the technology currently established in hospitals, the Kidz pediatric elopement system is an extra layer of security that supports the safety of children of all ages.

Accutech Access Control

In hospitals, the safety and security of patients, nursing staff, and visitors are paramount. Accutech Access provides an electronic access control (EAC) solution that can help enhance security measures and monitor movement within healthcare facilities.

Our access control system is reliable, affordable, and highly scalable for individual hospitals. Additionally, it can be integrated into other security systems through the Accutech platform, making it an efficient and effective way to improve hospital security.


CertaScan Digital Footprinting

Accutech's CertaScan® is a top-notch digital footprinting system that enhances hospital security and improves operations in maternity wards. By incorporating CertaScan® into your security solution, you can assure parents of your capability to safeguard their newborns.

Infant security is a top priority for maternity wards, and accurate and instant identification is crucial to ensure their safety. Digital footprinting plays a significant role in achieving this objective. It provides a dependable and effective solution for uniquely identifying babies right from birth. Hospitals can minimize security vulnerabilities, reduce liability risk, and stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements by integrating digital footprinting into their operations.

Certascan Digital Footprinting System
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Comprehensive Solutions from the Hospital Security Experts

Ensuring patient safety is crucial in the healthcare industry. Luckily, Accutech offers reliable and comprehensive security solutions to alleviate any concerns you may have. Our access control, infant protection, and wander management systems are designed to protect those in your care. In addition to providing effective solutions, our support team is dedicated to working with you to meet your hospital's security needs.

Trust Accutech's affordable and user-friendly solutions to give you the peace of mind you're looking for. Reach out to us today to discover how we can assist your hospital in operating smoothly and securely.



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