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Ashley County Medical

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Baptist Health


Loretto Health and Rehab

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McAlester Center

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The results of the above wander management case studies, elopement case studies, and infant protection case studies provide real-life examples of our healthcare security solutions in action.

We have flexible solutions that can be made to fit your exact facility, no matter how large or how many access points. Our easy-to-use systems secure your patients, staff, visitors, and facility.

If you have been struggling with how to protect seniors in a care facility, patients at a hospital, or children at a medical center, we have the solution. Some of the challenges we have come across and overcome:

  1. Nursing Station Dependence - Our Cuddles and ResidentGuard systems can integrate with smartphones and pagers, allowing nurses to receive and respond to security alerts without wasting time returning to a nursing station. Smartphone alerts are also quieter, creating a calmer, more professional environment.

  2. Fear of Elopement - Patient elopement is a concern for many who run senior living communities or medical/pediatric facilities. Wander management was a huge worry for Loretto Health and Rehab. With our security solution, the fear of elopement is greatly reduced because a reliable wander management system can help prevent elopement and the risks that go with it.

  3. False Alarms - Older systems, such as the one that Baptist Health was dealing with, have the problem of creating false alarms, which can waste nurses’ time and lead to a “cry wolf” mentality where alerts are not taken seriously. Accutech’s systems are designed to minimize interference from other electronic devices so you have fewer false alarms, saving precious time and preventing alarm fatigue.

  4. Generic Alerts - Some systems don’t give out specific information related to why an alert was issued, which was another problem that Baptist Health was dealing with. Was an infant’s band too loose? Did someone leave a secure area of a hospital? Nurses had to drop everything to go figure out why an alert was sent. With Accutech’s systems, the alerts are specific to the issue at hand.

  5. Overly Complex Systems - Accutech’s healthcare security systems were designed to be user-friendly because overly complex systems can be a hassle. The Ashley County Medical case study shows that simplicity and ease of use are top priorities in infant security solutions. We know the challenges of dealing with systems that are so complicated you can’t use them properly. With Accutech’s security solutions, we’ve thought of everything. We ensure our systems do exactly what you need them to do, are extremely easy to use, and reliable. We also make sure they integrate with your current systems, such as nurse call systems or closed-circuit television systems.

For more information about our products or about how we can overcome a security challenge you're facing, contact Accutech Security today.