Security Audit Demonstrates Cuddles System Success

Posted by Accutech on April 30, 2012 2:43 pm

When the time came to update the infant security system on the maternity floor of Montrose Memorial Hospital in Montrose, Colorado the staff looked at several options. The old system was outdated and the number of false alarms were concerning to Coral Ann Hackett, Director of the Family Center at Montrose Memorial. JCAHO and AWHONN recommend an infant protection security system be in place, so they began a search to update their system.

A hospital committee explored six security systems for ease of use, a short ramp-up time for staff and a low false alarm risk. Ultimately, the Cuddles infant protection system from Accutech was chosen.

“One of the key factors to us was the low instance of false alarms as well as a local source for support and maintenance. We wouldn’t be dependent on technicians having to fly in or support it remotely. They could be on-site quickly if we needed them,” says Ms. Hackett.

False alarms on maternity floors are disruptive and upsetting to new parents and can harm the quiet environment fostered by nursing staff. They may also lead to alarm fatigue, which reduces the urgency required to respond. Accutech Security products operate at a unique frequency just below the maximum requirement mandated by the Department of Defense. This makes the system one of the most interference free on the market so false alarm rates are very low. The soft band used by the Cuddles system is also not affected by infant weight loss so
a loose band won’t fall off and generate an alarm. These "too loose" alarms are a common occurunce with other systems and can significantly increase alarm fatigue and response time.

Approximately a year after the Cuddles system was installed Ms. Hackett and a security officer conducted a security audit. No one else on the hospital staff was aware of the event to ensure an accurate environment for the test.  In place of an actual infant an adult female volunteer was fitted with a security band around her wrist, given a large bag and instructed to leave the maternity floor.

The Cuddles system was activated as she approached an exit, triggering an alarm and automatically locking the door. One critical feature of the Cuddles system is that it identifies the exact door so there is no confusion or lost time.  Security and nursing staff immediately confronted the volunteer because she was carrying a large bag that could easily conceal an infant. Previous security tests using the old infant security system had failed because the doors to the maternity floor did not lock, nor could the particular door be identified immediately.

The audit was an immediate success. “It did exactly what it was supposed to do.  It was perfect,” said Ms. Hackett,  “It worked so well we had to let the person off the floor to allow the rest of the hospital to participate in the drill.”

A hospital-wide “Code Pink” was issued as the volunteer continued into the main hospital area. She was stopped swiftly and repeatedly by both hospital staff and security officers and never made it to the outside entrance. The Accutech Cuddles infant protection system worked flawlessly and reinforced the decision of Montrose Memorial to select and install it. The success of the security audit was reassuring to Ms. Hackett and the staff at Montrose Memorial. They know that if the day ever comes when a genuine security situation occurs the response will be quick and decisive. The Cuddles system from Accutech gives the hospital team the to concentrate their attention (and love) on their tiny new patients.

If your facility is interested in testing current "Code Pink" policies and procedures, please contact Accutech Security for a free, high-level security audit.

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