Cuddles Infant Protection Survey Results

Posted by Accutech on July 22, 2013 12:17 pm

We recently conducted a survey of our Cuddles Infant Protection customers and got some very helpful feedback about our product and support. Thank you to everybody who took the time to answer our questions. We are proud that 90% of the respondents said that they would recommend Cuddles to peers. Over 65% said that our sales support is “above average” or “excellent” and over 61% said the same about our technical support and service. These numbers reflect our commitment to developing easy-to-use, reliable and affordable RFID-enabled security systems, selling them through a nationwide network of independent dealers, and standing behind them with the industry’s most comprehensive customer support program - including free 24-hour technical support and a one year warranty on all parts and service.

90% of respondents would recommend the Cuddles infant protection product to their peers. 90% of respondents would recommend the Cuddles infant protection product to their peers.

All infant protection systems are not created equal and there are many considerations to be made by facilities’ choosing to install or expand an infant protection system.

Hospital obstetric units and birthing centers pose many unique challenges that must be addressed for a security solution to be both effective and unobtrusive. These facilities are high traffic areas with a high nurse to patient ratio and many different visitors. New mothers are walking or wheeling around as part of their postpartum recovery and their families are excited to see the newest addition and take photos with a digital camera or cell phone.

Electromagnetic interference from these devices and others mean that RFID receivers must be designed to minimize interference from other devices around them and reduce false alarms. Cuddles Infant Protection system uses technology that minimizes interference from other devices and reduces false alarms. Accutech products operate at a unique frequency (418 MHz) just below the maximum requirement mandated by the Department of Defense, making them the most interference free on the market and reducing hassle and disturbance caused by false alarms. Our Soft Bracelet - a self-adjusting band, unique to Cuddles, is made with an ultra-soft polyester blend that doesn’t cut or chafe the skin, and won’t fall off due to movement or changes in weight.

There are several distinct advantages for hospitals and birthing centers who choose to install or upgrade their infant protections systems using Cuddles from Accutech Security: lower total cost of ownership, advanced features, lower rate of false alarms, full compliance, the most comprehensive customer support program in the industry, and a dealer network that ensures local service. In our survey, the most commonly cited reasons for choosing Cuddles by nurses and security personnel who were responsible for their facility’s choice in infant protection were cost and performance. It is our hope that the advantage provided by using Accutech products ensures that your staff spends more time caring for patients and less time managing systems.

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