Ensure Your Nurse Call and Wander Alarm Systems Integrate Seamlessly

Posted by on November 8, 2016 11:41 pm

When purchasing a wander alarm system for your community, it is critical that it works seamlessly with existing systems. After all, the goal of purchasing such a system is to increase resident safety and security, not create disjointed processes for your staff.

This blog will examine wander alarm system integration with nurse call systems, including the benefits of that integration, and what to look for in a wandering system.

The benefits of nurse call integration

One of the primary benefits of integrating a wander alarm system with the nurse call station is that it increases the capabilities of the wandering system. Rather than a stand-alone system, it becomes an integrated solution throughout your community, and there are many more alerting options available.

Wander alerts can be sent to whichever devices the nurse call system uses, including mobile devices, pagers, radios, etc., allowing staff to work within one system instead of two disparate ones. Plus, by integrating these two systems, your community will benefit from operational efficiencies and reduced maintenance costs.

What to look for in a wander alarm system

Most wander alarm solutions on the market will have nurse call integration options, but not every system will fit your community’s unique integration needs. Here are a few things to look for in a wandering system when it comes to nurse call integration:

  • Find a vendor that isn’t preferential to their own nurse call system. Many wander alert vendors also provide nurse call solutions, and will try to sell you both together. If you choose not to purchase their nurse call system, their wander alert system will likely not integrate as seamlessly with your existing nurse call solution.
  • Seek out a vendor that has long-standing relationships and integrations with many nurse call systems in the industry (including your own, of course). Talk to your nurse call system representative about their experience integrating with a particular wander alert system before purchasing.
  • Look for a vendor that is flexible and scalable. For example, you want your wander alert system installed as a stand-alone system initially but later integrated into your nurse call solution. Or you may want to build that integration upon initial installation. Make sure your vendor can accommodate your specific needs.
  • Another feature to look for is how your tags integrate with the nurse call station. In addition to alert integration, as mentioned above, look for a system with a tag testing station, allowing you to check battery life and warranty date of tags at-a-glance.

Nurse call integration is a vital aspect of choosing a wander alert system, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. If you’re interested in learning more about the features you should consider when evaluating wander alert systems, take a look at this guide: Choosing the Right Wander Management System for Your Community.

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