How Does a Wandering System Work?

Posted by on January 10, 2023 11:25 am

Taking on the responsibility of caring for an aging parent can be overwhelming. You want to ensure their safety and comfort while providing emotional support and maybe even living assistance.

One tool that can greatly help with this is a wandering system. But what is a wandering system? How does it work? What are its benefits? We'll cover all these questions in detail so you can better understand how they may benefit your elderly loved one's well-being.

What is a Wandering System and How Does it Work

A wander management system is a safety feature for vulnerable communities and those with the potential to wander, such as seniors or those living with memory loss. It works by setting up different locations or ‘zones’ that are monitored through sensors or tracking devices, allowing families, caretakers, and medical staff to quickly locate anyone who leaves a designated zone.

These systems also alert when sensors have been activated outside of specific zones, allowing for quick response. Additionally, wander management systems allow users access to view reports detailing movements within any area monitored. By providing access to in-depth information about the movement of their loved ones, wander management systems are an invaluable tool for caregivers in making sure they live their life safely and securely.

The Benefits of a Wandering System for Patients and Caregivers

A wander management system can benefit both patients and caregivers in a variety of ways. For patients, wander management systems can provide peace of mind by helping to ensure their safety; wander detection capabilities can alert both the patient and caregiver if a patient exits an area they should not be in or wander into sensitive or dangerous areas. Additionally, wander management systems help with promoting independence while providing security; providing visual cues to help orient the patient with their surroundings.

For caregivers, wander management systems allow for greater oversight; permitting them to monitor a patient’s wanderings without having a person-by-person shadowing of every move. Additionally, wander management systems can reduce workloads; making it easier for staff to manage multiple patients at the same time. Ultimately, a wander management system is an excellent tool for improving safety and security for both patients and caretakers.

How to Make the Most of a Wandering System in Your Home or Facility

Having designated areas with wander management systems in place is a great way to ensure that those who wander do so only within specified confines. By designing wander zones and linking them to automated wander alerts, facilities can quickly respond to any bed or chair exits, as well as tracked location on-site or outside of the building.

These systems allow efficient management of care and supervision for wandering individuals by providing reliable real-time roaming tracking, allowing healthcare staff to be better informed and provide prompt response should any incidents occur. Installing wander management systems can provide more security for those under your care, peace of mind for their families, and an increase in safety for everyone involved.

Tips for Choosing a Wandering System

There are many wander management systems on the market that can help prevent accidents for those who wander. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a wander management system:

  • Make sure the system covers the entire area you want to secure.
  • Choose a system that has multiple alert settings, so you can be alerted no matter where you are.
  • Consider a system that uses geofencing technology, so you can get an alert if the person wanders out of a designated area.
  • Select a system that is comfortable for the person to wear, so they will be less likely to try to remove it.
  • Make sure the system is easy to use, so you can quickly respond if an incident does occur.

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