How Hospitals Use Access Control Systems To Improve Security

Posted by on July 26, 2022 2:51 pm

Access control is an important part of hospital security. By using access control systems, hospitals can keep track of who is coming and going, and ensure that only authorized personnel has access to sensitive areas. This helps to improve safety for patients and staff alike.

The challenges hospitals face when it comes to security

Hospitals face unique challenges when it comes to security. They must protect patients, staff, and visitors from a variety of potential threats, including violence, theft, and even terrorism. In addition, they must maintain a high level of security while still providing access to those who need it. This can be a difficult balance to strike.

How access control can help mitigate these challenges

Access control systems can help hospitals meet these challenges by providing a way to monitor and control access to the facility. By using these systems, hospitals can restrict access to sensitive areas, such as operating rooms and medication storage areas. They can also track who is coming and going, and identify potential security risks. In addition, access control systems can be used to create security plans and procedures, which can help to improve the overall security of the facility.

The benefits of access control systems in hospitals

Access control systems offer a number of benefits for hospitals. By its very nature, access controls provide a way to monitor and control entry to the facility. Security staff can set up secure areas and control who can enter those areas and designated times when access is available.

Dispensary rooms are a popular place for access control in order to limit who can access medications. By setting up access controlled zones for places such as the emergency room, ICU, and surgery floors, hospitals can limit access by visitors while allowing medical staff to easily enter by scanning their keycard, or fingerprint.

Access control also records the activity in sensitive areas by tracking each time a user scans in (and sometimes out) of a protected zone. This helps to protect patients, staff, and visitors alike.

How to choose the right access control system for your hospital

Not all access control systems are created equal. When choosing an access control system for your hospital, it is important to consider your specific needs and the type of facility you have. Some items to consider include:


Does the system allow you to install what you need today and easily add more doors in the future as the requirements of your facility grow and change?


Most hospitals use a multitude of systems for protection and patient care including video surveillance, nurse call systems, fire alarm systems, and much more. An access control system is often at the heart of bringing all of these systems together. Ensuring that your access control solution can integrate with your existing systems is critical. Accutech Access Control’s reliable, affordable, and scalable electronic access solutions are scalable to fully integrate with a variety of security platforms.


Choosing an access control system that offers a long-term warranty or maintenance agreement is important for securing your investment. This is equally as important as choosing a dealer (and manufacturer) that will support you long after the sale is completed.

No matter what your specific needs are, there is an access control system out there that can help you improve the safety of your hospital. If you’re looking for a way to improve the security of your hospital, access control systems are a great option. Access Control by Accutech offers a number of benefits and can help to improve safety, security, and efficiency for your hospital. Learn more today about Access Control by Accutech.