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FacilityGuard delivers robust EAC hardware features along with an innovative software interface at less than half of the price of competing systems. FacilityGuard provides unprecedented value with the most competitive price point available for controlling multiple access points.

fs-product1Since 1985, Accutech Security has been developing specialty products to reliably monitor and alert egress. With the introduction of FacilityGuard, Accutech Security will bring advanced EAC integration options to its already industry leading infant, pediatric and long-term resident care security solutions.

Understanding that some facilities require a high level of integration, flexibility and expandability, FacilityGuard’s enterprise offering will provide the customer with seamless compatibility with other security and controls products through a single customizable user Interface. This modular EAC enterprise offering scales easily, making it a compelling solution for facilities with very demanding security requirements.

FacilityGuard provides businesses of all types and sizes a system that improves the overall security of people and property.  With this comprehensive EAC offering , Accutech continues to introduce reliable, cost-effective security solutions for commercial, healthcare, manufacturing and educational facilities, selling them through a nationwide network of independent dealers, and standing behind them with the industry’s most comprehensive customer support program.

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The Accutech advantage:

  • More than 25 years in security–we helped to build the security industry, and we continue to lead it today.
  • To date, our patented patient security technologies have been installed in more than 5,000 locations worldwide.
  • All of our systems come with 24-hour technical support, and our extensive certified dealer network means local service anytime you need it.
  • Accutech products work seamlessly with your existing systems–saving you and your staff time and resources.


Why Should You Choose FacilityGuard from Accutech Security?

FacilityGuard streamlines security systems into a single platform with a customizable software interface. This modular electronic access control (EAC) system is scalable – making it a cost-effective solution for facilities of any size. Easy data import, support for legacy hardware, and seamless IT integration features all minimize setup time and allow customers to protect their existing investments in facility security. FacilityGuard provides businesses of all types and sizes a low cost, scalable system that improves overall security of people in their buildings – utilizing and enhancing solutions already in place.

  • Use of a single security platform reduces costs
  • Easy to use software interface makes initial programming and ongoing modifications simple and efficient
  • Scalable: Customers only purchase configuration to match their needs
  • Advanced Integration allows expansion of the system to incorporate total facility management
  • Easy data import leverages available information, greatly reducing hours spent programming and commissioning
  • Support for numerous legacy security hardware platforms allows the customer to protect existing security investments
  • IT friendly: Seamlessly integrates to the customers existing technology infrastructure
  • Customizable user interface allows individual look and feel to maximize operational efficiencies


Electronic Access Control You Can Depend On

Accutech has engineered, manufactured, distributed and serviced radio frequency identification (RFID) and wireless security products since 1985. Today we are a leading manufacturer of advanced electronic monitoring and security systems worldwide. FacilityGuard is a cost-effective, easily configurable and expandable electronic access control system designed to protect commercial, healthcare, and educational facilities.

  • I/O points can be uniquely defined and programmed independently
  • Multiple card format support
  • 50,000 cardholders per controller
  • 25,000 transaction buffers per controller
  • Supports up to 1024 readers
  • Integration of up to 512 cameras


FacilityGuard Software Driven Features:

FacilityGuard is software enhanced access control solution designed to deliver maximum capabilities coupled with easy-to-use functionality. The intuitive, customizable user interface and feature rich environment make it the most comprehensive and affordable solution on the market today.

  • Custom maps and badge design; branded cards/badges for your facility
  • Drag and Drop support for Real Time Indication Icons
  • User definable messages, priorities, colors, action groups, sounds and icons allow the user to create their own unique operational environment
  • Support for multiple database engines allows for simple user and cardholder data exchange
  • Route alarms and events by user workstation
  • Alarms can be defined to require Acknowledgement, Comments, or Clear functions
  • Create historical reports on any given point, for any specified time period
  • Users definable cardholder reports
  • Supports crystal reports allows the user to create automatic custom reports
  • Unlimited regional server support
  • Multi-regional administration and reporting capability
  • Multiple event processing in multi-tasking, multi-threaded environment
  • Automatically adjusted cross time zone support
  • Open OPC and PLC support
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