Accutech understands the importance of integrating all your hospital systems into a single platform. Accutech proudly integrates with the following nurse call systems.

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Acuity Rapid Response

Acuity Rapid Response is a wireless emergency call system that is genuine UL 2560 & 1069 R7 certified for independent, assisted, skilled, and acute care facilities. This easy-to-use nurse call system integrates with the broadest range of wireless devices   tablets, smartphones, pocket pagers, etc., can be paired with location pendants for residents/patients, and runs customized scheduled reports. Acuity's suite of healthcare communication solutions are engineered and manufactured in the USA, carry a two-year equipment warranty, and are supported by a dedicated national network of certified technicians.


Advanced Wireless Commincations

AWC is a provider of wireless voice communications to the long-term care industry. The company provides solutions to integrate nurse call and wander management alarms directly to small portable radios to improve response times and productivity. Real-time alerts sent to the portable radio help the staff member respond promptly to a perimeter breach with no need to return to duty stations to check on an alert.


All-Call Wireless Nurse Call

Our integration: We monitor the doors and sensor tags and provide active alarms from Accutech LS2400 to our handheld devices and console screens. Our alarms address the following:

  • Egress alarms
  • Door ajar alarms
  • Loiter alarms
  • Supervisor alarms
  • Tamper alarms
  • By Door Name & Time & Resident Name


Cornell Emergency Response Systems

The Accutech LS 2400 ResidentGuard product is directly integrated with the Cornell nurse call product. Nurse call stations will receive alerts through the wander management system to enhance patient safety.



The Accutech LS 2400 ResidentGuard product is directly integrated with the iAlert nurse call product, cutting down staff response times and enhancing patient care.

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Jeron electronic Systems, Inc.

Provider® and Pro-Alert Nurse Call Systems, designed and manufactured by Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc., integrates with Accutech to provide critical alerts to caregivers in acute and skilled care healthcare environments.


Navi-Call Solutions

Navi-Call Solutions’ future-proofed Wireless Nurse Call System seamlessly integrates with Accutech’s ResidentGuard LS2400 Resident Wander Management System uniquely providing senior care facilities and their staff a quick and efficient way to immediately lower their risk and improve care for those precious residents that tend to wander. This is accomplished by Navi-Call’s NCIS software delivering management critical metrics and staff instant resident-specific alerts via portable devices smart devices, radios, pagers, displays of door or area location. Navi-Call’s components are proudly made in the USA, certified by UL labs to UL 2560 and UL 1069 6th Edition standards, and carry a two-year warranty.



The Accutech LS 2400 ResidentGuard product is directly integrated with the PalCare nurse call product. Faster response times and higher patient satisfaction come from this partnership.



The RCare nurse call platform fully integrates with the Accutech ResidentGuard LS-2400 by utilizing a single platform to manage resident accounts and id tags while also using a single platform to receive alerts about who is approaching or opening which doors. RCare makes use of the cutting-edge, HIPAA-compliant, RPhone to receive wander and nurse call alerts and uses advanced reporting to understand key metrics to improve the quality of care. RCare is focused on integration and interoperability, which starts with Accutech but extends to EHR platforms like PointClickCare and predictive technology solutions as well.

Status Solutions

Status Solutions

SARA is the automated alerting engine, provided by Status Solutions, that integrates stand-alone alarm and communication systems for centralized monitoring, alerting, and reporting. SARA integrates to Accutech's Wander Management System to send proper alerts based on the action that has occurred, therefore allowing staff to be notified if residents are in need of immediate attention.


TekTone by Accutech

The Accutech LS 2400 ResidentGuard product is directly integrated with the TekTone nurse call product. Wander management combined with nurse call systems elevate the level of care a healthcare facility can provide.

Interested in Becoming a Technology Partner? Reach Out to Accutech Security

If you are interested in upgrading your nurse call system by integrating it with a wander management solution, infant alert system, or pediatric elopement system, contact Accutech Security today. Alert systems can improve operations at your medical facility, allowing nursing staff to respond in a timely manner to infant abductions, wander alerts.

A nurse call button on its own is not always enough to create safety and security for your patients/residents. Learn more about how Accutech’s ResidentGuard system or Cuddles system can integrate with nurse call stations to help you meet your patient needs.

Reasons Integration With Nurse Call Systems is Important

Medical professionals have important work to perform, and like most industries, time management and efficiency are top priorities. Caregivers have patients to care for and cannot waste time managing multiple security systems that don’t communicate. Integration streamlines the nursing workflow, makes it easier for teams to perform their duties, minimizes errors or problems caused by miscommunications, and ultimately improves healthcare safety and patient outcomes. Here are more reasons to choose security solutions that integrate with nurse call systems.

Better Alarm Management

When an unexpected event occurs, quickly identifying and addressing the situation is important. With proper integration, nursing staff won’t spend time dealing with false alarms or multiple security systems that have to be accessed and addressed through different devices. System integration allows nurses to easily manage alarms, saving time and improving patient care. With integration, you will be less likely to miss alarms because everything is being communicated through a single device.

Easier to Deal With Emergency Calls

Integration also makes emergency management easier. Emergency calls are routed to the same place, allowing staff to quickly assess the situation and determine the best course of action. There’s less confusion or second-guessing, making it easier for care staff to make decisions that protect patients’ lives. This can also reduce liability for the hospital due to a fast accurate response and result in fewer safety incidents.

Security Doesn’t Fall Through the Cracks

Keeping patients safe—especially vulnerable ones—should be a prime initiative of any healthcare facility. With separate security systems, it can be difficult to confirm that every security measure is being checked. Security solutions that are integrated with call systems ensure that security features are not missed, security steps are not skipped, alarms are not overlooked, and patients are kept safe at all times.

Multiple Integrated Solutions Are Better Than One

Nurse call system manufacturers create an important product that hospitals and senior care facilities need to perform the daily functions of caring for patients, but a nurse call button on its own has limitations. Combined with security features, such as Accutech AccessResidentGuard, or Cuddles, your nurse call solution is enhanced. You can get more out of your system, protecting the hospital’s reputation and ensuring the safety of staff, visitors, and patients.