How Does the Wandering System Work?

Posted by Accutech on January 1, 2023 12:00 am

We receive several calls a day from potential customers that are searching for wander management solutions. Most of the time, our prospects are aware of what the system is supposed to accomplish but aren't aware (from a technical standpoint) of how our RFID based security systems work. For that reason, we've put together a brief overview of how our LC 1200 ResidentGuard wandering system functions in as simplified terms as possible.

Wander Management Solution Components & Functions

Here is the basic description of system functionality, and the components used:

The LC1200 System is a resident egress monitoring system. The system consists of the LC Controller Unit (antenna), Magnetic Switch, Keypad, Power Supply & Cable Kit. It is designed to alert facility personnel of the possible egress of a monitored resident. Monitored residents wear RFID tags typically on their wrist or ankle. The tags have a blinking LED indicator light on them to give visual indication that they are “active” & functional. The Tags can be activated/deactivated with a Secure Tag Activator/Deactivator (STAD) handheld device.

When a resident enters a monitored zone (door, elevator, etc.), the Tag sends a signal to the LC Controller Unit. The LC Controller Unit processes this information for appropriate control action or response (e.g., sounding alarms or locking doors when integrated with delayed egress magnetic locks). Typically, an alarm won’t occur until a tag enters a monitored zone & the door is opened (causing the Magnetic Switch’s contact to be broken). All alarms must be reset at the location of the event, by entering the correct “reset code” in the keypad (and closing the door).

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