Pediatric Patient Elopement Systems vs Adult Wander Management Systems

Posted by on August 25, 2021 3:19 pm

Both children and adults need to be well cared for, and part of that care involves ensuring that patients’ whereabouts are known by hospital staff and caretakers, at any given time. However, there are a few differences in the needs of infants and children versus adults when it comes to patient security and elopement systems.

Read on to learn more about each type of security system Accutech has in place, for children and adults, as well as how their needs may differ, and how those differences are reflected in the security equipment used to protect them.


First off, let’s begin with what elderly and younger patients have in common: the need for security and restricted access to areas that may pose a risk for them, should they venture beyond their room area alone. Wander management solutions involve both sensors at critical points like elevators and entryways, along with wearable bracelets or wristbands that trigger the sensors, which alert caregivers and staff to a patient’s whereabouts. Wander management sensors allow staff to assign specific access rights to different areas of a healthcare facility. The appearance and physical location of these wearable devices differ slightly depending on the stage of life of the patient: whether adults, children, or infants.

In the event of an emergency, security systems can track what occurred in order to help prevent events from repeating. Wander management systems can also document events, and evidence can be derived from this documentation. Moreover, elements like nurse call systems, alarm systems, and video surveillance systems will ideally all be integrated in order to provide a comprehensive protection system, in a healthcare or long-term care facility.


For adults in resident healthcare facilities or nursing homes, it’s essential that patients feel independent, yet safe, in their daily surroundings. Accutech’s ResidentGuard wander management system provides seamless integration with your current community’s security protocols in order to prevent “at-risk” residents from the threat of elopement.

For elderly adults, it is important that they feel dignified and content to wear accessories. Unfortunately, wearables like security bracelets can often appear garish or obvious, as opposed to stylish and subtle. Accutech’s security bracelets are intentionally designed to appear discreet, resembling a wearable fitness device rather than an institutional bracelet.

Residents are also afforded the freedom of independent movement while wearing their bracelets, which automatically inform nursing staff of residents’ whereabouts. When elderly residents have been diagnosed with conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s, it’s especially important that there be a way to track residents and ensure their safety without impinging upon their image, autonomy, or routine.


The Kidz pediatric patient elopement system helps protect our younger patients from wandering too far from the safety of their residential hallways or patient rooms by alerting staff if there is an incident of patient flight. There are special considerations that should be taken when designing wearables for children, however, and Accutech takes special care to design bracelets that are soft and non-invasive. This issue can be especially problematic for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other conditions that might make them especially sensitive to sensory stimuli that they’re not used to or expecting.

Regardless of whether children are neurologically typical or not, all children need to feel like they have relative autonomy and independence while being monitored by caregivers or guardians. The combination of a bracelet with sensors placed in strategic locations, such as entranceways or elevators, when used in conjunction with the Kidz Pediatric Elopement prevention system software, allows hospital staff and administration to admit and discharge patients and generate reports easily and quickly.


The security products designed to protect infants and newborns include CertaScan, our digital footprint scanning system, as well as Cuddles, Accutech’s infant protection solution.

Cuddles is similar to the Kidz system, and it also features soft, flexible ankle bands for wearables, used in conjunction with sensors strategically placed near the doors and exits of your healthcare facility.

Rather than being tied to an infant’s navel, the Cuddles ankle bands are non-invasive and out of the way, during diaper changing and for sleeping, cuddling, etc., so they’re less prone to feeling cumbersome or irritating, to newborns. The soft, self-adjusting band prevents “too loose” alarms that are caused by newborns’ early days of weight loss.

CertaScan is unique in that it creates a digital footprint record that is unique to one infant, making the identification precise and foolproof. It also allows for peace of mind, in the event that parents are separated from their child, the removal of other identifying wearables won’t eliminate identification tools for healthcare administrators or law enforcement, in the event of abduction or misplacement of infant wearables.

As you can see, Accutech’s security systems work well, regardless of patient age or circumstance. If you have questions or are interested in evaluating your facility’s options, contact us. We’d be happy to assist you in finding the best solutions for you.