Accutech Announces Partnership with Inovonics

Posted by Accutech on May 18, 2011 2:14 pm

In an effort to expand our wandering product capabilities, Accutech has partnered with Inovonics as a preferred reseller.

These components are designed to be used primarily with the LC 1200 wandering systems and when configured properly, don’t require cabling to be run from the doors to staff alert panels. A universal transmitter (part # 700400) can be tied into the dry contacts on the controller and mounted inside of the white antenna box.

The Inovonics universal transmitters cannot be tied into any existing Accutech staff alert panels and require an Inovonics staff alert panel (part # 700403) and power supply (part # 500220). The staff alert panels can cover up to 11 wandering zones and a separate alarm is included. Inovonics repeaters (part # 700401) may also be required depending on the distance between the door and staff alert panel.

Accutech is a division of Innovative Control Systems, Inc. (ICS), an industry-leading supplier of quality security systems for over 25 years. Accutech provides RFID based Infant Protection and Patient Wanderer Security System. For more information, contact Chris Konicek at 10125 S. 52nd Street, Franklin, WI 53132, (414) 855-1121 or visit

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