Accutech’s Tag Test Station

Posted by Accutech on November 11, 2015 8:17 am

Accutech Security Introduces a Tag Test Station Compatible with All Current Systems.

The Tag Test Station from Accutech Security gives current and future users the ability to see the remaining battery life and warranty date and on any of their RFID-enabled tags. This increased protection and ease of use feature can be added to any Cuddles infant protection, Kidz or ResidentGuard wander management system at an affordable price point and does not require additional installation. The Tag Test Station also allows users to see the tag program number, battery percentage and has a field for tag notes. With the addition of the Tag Testing Station, Accutech’s product line continues to provide secure environments at a lower total cost of ownership with a wide range of features offering options to match any need and budget.

The Tag Test Station is a small receptacle that is wall-mountable or can sit on a desk. It connects to any PC or laptop computer using a USB cable. For facilities with a software enhanced system, the Tag Test Station will integrate directly with version 7.0 of the enterprise software solution (free to existing users). This integration provides additional features including automatic initiation of the admission or discharge process when a tag is placed on the unit.

Accutech’s unique tags can be turned off when not in use - saving battery life. A simple LED light assures your staff that the tag is on; And the tags simply last longer than competing systems. With the Tag Test Station, facilities experience an added layer of tag management and confidence knowing that tags are charged and functional.

In a recent customer survey, over 90% of respondents said they would recommend Accutech products to a peer and over 90% said the same about technical support. Accutech Security's specialized, RFID-enabled solutions have been installed in more than 5,000 locations worldwide. As a leading manufacturer of security systems for 30 years, Accutech has extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for the safety and security of people and property within a facility. All Accutech systems are assembled in the U.S., and installed and serviced by a vast network of authorized dealers; creating the most comprehensive customer service program in the industry.

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