Babies Need Both Kinds of Cuddles

Posted by Accutech on March 15, 2021 9:35 am

Cuddles. Noun
Definition one: Warm, loving, protective embraces.
Definition two: A soft security bracelet linked with an electronic infant protection solution.

In hospitals, babies need both.

Protect Infants With Cuddles

A parent would do anything to protect their child from harm and would give their life to keep their child safe. But while they may wish they could hold their baby close and never let them go, at some point, their newborn does have to leave their parent’s protective embrace.

When an infant is at a hospital, they need the love, comfort, and shelter of their parent’s arms. They also need the safety and protection of a Cuddles infant security system, which is safeguarding them from abduction whether they are in their parent’s arms or alone in their hospital crib. Babies need both types of cuddles to shield them.


Why Do You Need an Infant Protection Solution like Cuddles?

Unfortunately, infant abduction is on the rise in the United States. The FBI is monitoring this disturbing trend, and you should too—most abductions occur at hospitals, birthing centers, and other healthcare facilities (

Hospitals and parents agree that there is no acceptable amount of failure when it comes to infant security—one lost child is too many. To prevent abductions, infant security systems can be installed at hospitals and healthcare facilities. But you don’t want just any infant security system—they aren’t all the same, and some are not dependable, effective, or efficient. Choose Cuddles, the most reliable newborn security system on the market.


About Our Cuddles Infant Security System

The Cuddles infant protection solution offers a non-invasive, reliable way to protect infants in hospitals, keeping them safe with a practical solution that is easy to operate effectively. The Cuddles system uses a soft, adjustable bracelet that is linked to a perimeter alert system. If someone attempts to remove a baby without authorization, the band will send an instant alert to hospital staff.

The Cuddles system has been developed over the course of thirty years to ensure it is the best solution on the market, and we have thought of everything.

The Cuddles infant protection solution does the following:

  1. Sends alerts in real-time
  2. Can be integrated with nurse call stations, smartphones, video surveillance equipment, and other communication systems
  3. Also sends alerts if removed or cut off of a child or if a battery is low
  4. Eliminates unnecessary room visits, saving nurses’ time, making it an effective and practical solution
  5. Provides comfort to worried parents
  6. Improves hospitals’ reputations
  7. Minimizes liability


What Makes Cuddles the Market Leader When it Comes to Infant Protection Systems

The Cuddles system is superior to other infant protection systems in many ways. Our bracelet bands are comfortable, non-intrusive, and don’t fall off when a newborn’s weight fluctuates in those early days. Our technology is revolutionary, taking into consideration the variables that could impact a security system’s effectiveness, such as:

  •  Our tagging system allows nurses to visually verify that a tag is working. Cuddles bracelets give out a continuous pulsing red light, which allows for a fast, visual assessment that a tag is operational, saving time nurses could be spending on other tasks.
  • Our infant protection system can alert staff as to which access point a perimeter breach has occurred, resulting in a faster response time and the ability to lock doors and alert authorities.
  • Plus, our infant security solution does not rely on Wi-Fi or networks because it is an independent system. Why is this important? Because if the internet goes down or your network stops working for any reason, other types of infant security systems will stop working as well. The Cuddles system keeps working even when your network is down, providing constant infant protection, no matter the circumstances.


Snuggle Them in Your Arms. Protect Them With Cuddles

Keeping a baby safe in a parent’s arms is not always possible, but it is possible to always have them safely protected at healthcare facilities that have Cuddles, the infant security solution you can count on. Comfortable, soft bracelets that won’t harm infants in any way combined with powerful technology that effectively secures an entire maternity ward, pediatric center, birthing center, or other healthcare location is what you get from Accutech’s infant protection system. Call for more information about our healthcare security solutions.

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