Buena Vista Regional Healthcare Foundation Adds Cuddles System

Posted by Chris Konicek on April 17, 2019 11:46 am

Cuddles Provides an Extra Layer of Protection at Buena Vista Regional Healthcare Foundation

Buena Vista Regional Healthcare Foundation (BVRMC) recently added the Cuddles Infant Protection System to their facility. Utilizing Cuddles has allowed BVRMC to enhance protection for newborns.

“Being a mom and a physician, the safety of our children is always at the forefront of my mind. There is no one more vulnerable than an infant. This new safety system will protect even the littlest of our patients and give added peace of mind to our new parents and their families,” says Dr. Lisa Shepherd.

Cuddles works by affixing a lightweight band to the wrist or leg of a newborn. Nurses can monitor the location and movement of the babies via a computer and if there is an attempt to remove the band, an alarm immediately sounds.

“Safety of infants is always a high priority. I have worked in a hospital where this system was in use, and have seen how well it worked. Preventing infant abduction is key, but this system also provides for quick response in case of emergency. Having this system is certainly a reasonable step to make sure we remain safe,” comments Dr. Kyle Glienke.

Infant abductions are real and scary. The Cuddles Infant Protection system adds another layer of security, helping to minimize risk at facilities. Cuddles systems can be seamlessly integrated with wired and wireless nurse call systems, meaning notifications are at your staffs’ fingertips.

Cuddles’ light-weight, self-adjusting bands fit snugly and comfortably around the baby’s ankle, ensuring they won’t fall off or hurt the skin. If the bracelet is cut or removed, an alarm is immediately activated. This ensures continued safety and security of the infant wearing it.

CertaScan enables digital footprinting, allowing hospitals to identify infants from the time of birth. When combined with Cuddles Infant Protection system, high-quality infant protection in a hospital environment is easier and more affordable than ever.