Disaster Readiness For Alzheimer’s And Dementia Residents

Posted by Accutech on January 1, 2023 12:00 am

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and its lasting effects, the Alzheimer’s Association is reminding families and caregivers of people with the disease or dementia to have a plan in place for disaster.

Alzheimer’s and dementia patients may become confused or frightened. There is an increased danger of wandering when there environments are disturbed.

Having a disaster plan in place for Alzheimer's and dementia patients is critical for both home and care facilities.

A local chapter of the New York Association released a statement urging that steps be taken to protect patients in case of disaster.

“Alzheimer’s is a disease of memory, but it’s not a disease of awareness,” said Jared Paventi, a local spokesman for the association. “People know what’s going on around them. They just may not be able to understand exactly what it is.”

They recommended an emergency kit with the following:

-- Easy-on flotation devices.
-- Velcro shoes.
-- Incontinence products.
-- A pillow, toy or something to hug.
-- Medication supplies.
-- Copies of legal documents, such as a power of attorney.
-- Copies of medical records.

The American Alzheimer’s Association website also has recommendations and resources to prepare for emergency situations. Such situations don’t have to be natural disasters, they could come in the form of fire, flood from a broken water pipe, or even simply a power outage caused by a work crew.

If the patient lives with you it’s also a good idea to have a pre-arranged place to go ahead of time so that you can have a few supplies and even records already there. Know alternate hospital or home health locations along with contact information.

If your loved one is in a residential facility it’s also important to review their own disaster plan periodically to ensure their safety. Find the person responsible for evacuation and have them explain the plan to you.

Anything you can do to ensure the safety and security of your loved one in case of a disaster will ease the transition and reduce stress on both of you.

Accutech is proud to offer the ResidentGuard Wander Management system for residential care facilities, skilled nursing homes and private residences. ResidentGuard lets Alzheimer’s and dementia residents move freely around their environments but not into unsafe areas, outside doors, or stairwells and gives caregivers piece of mind so they can concentrate on care and not security.

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