If it Can Happen to Joe Montana, it Can Happen to You, Too

Posted by Accutech on October 13, 2020 10:08 am

Joe Montana, legendary quarterback, was surprised by an intruder inside a California home on Saturday, September 26, 2020. A strange woman was holding his infant grandchild when he encountered her. The report by Tyler Morning Telegraph suggests that the woman’s intentions were to abduct the child. She gained access to the home through an unlocked door and took the infant out of the arms of another woman inside the home.

Mr. Montana wasn’t able to protect his grandchild from an attempted abduction, despite his enormous wealth and advantages, which shows that anyone could be impacted in a similar manner.

Luckily, Joe Montana’s story has a happy ending. Mr. Montana was able to remove his baby grandchild safely from the woman’s arms by force, and the woman was later arrested on kidnapping and burglary charges. Could the attempted abduction of his grandchild have been prevented? What would have happened if Joe Montana had not walked into the room?

Maybe there are ways to protect infants from abduction.

What Would You Do to Keep Your Infant Safe?

You probably would do anything to keep your newborn baby safe.

  • You purchased the safest car seat on the market and the safest vehicle to put it in.
  • A video monitoring system is in place in the nursery, and the child safety locks are already on all of your cabinet doors.
  • The electrical sockets are all plugged up, and there’s a gate around the pool.
  • Sanitizer is in every room of your house and gloves for people who want to hold the baby.

Is there anything you haven’t thought of? Most people try to think of everything that could go wrong regarding their infant child, but they may not have thought of how to protect against infant abduction.

Security Measures to Protect Against Infant Abduction

You expect hospitals to be equipped with baby monitoring devices and other security features to prevent abductions in the hospital, but have you checked to make sure that these security protections are offered at the hospital or birth center you intend to deliver at?

You are only in a hospital or birth center with your infant for a few days, but you want your baby to be safe while there. You and your baby are in a vulnerable state while you are under the care of others. Knowing that the hospital has systems in place to protect your baby could bring you significant peace of mind.

There are ways to protect your infant from abduction—take advantage of access control and infant monitoring devices and other security measures designed to protect your baby.

Nurse using Certascan baby footprint scanner

Digital Footprint Scans

For instance, digital footprint scanning can create a digital footprint of your baby so that identification will be easier in an emergency situation, such as a child abduction. The digital footprint scan of your infant doesn’t stop working when you leave the hospital. Accutech is an industry leader in infant digital footprint scanning technology. You can take action to protect your baby with Certascan.

cuddles infant protection band on baby

Alarm Bracelets

Another way to protect your baby from abduction is by using a soft alarm legband that can alert you if someone tries to take your baby from the maternity ward, pediatric unit, or birthing center. Your Cuddles band will also set off an alarm through the integrated access control system if cut off, and Accutech support will be there to get you the help you need.

While these security measures may not be able to prevent an abduction attempt, they can give you some peace of mind in the event of a worst case scenario. Joe Montana didn’t get an alert that someone was about to kidnap his grandchild. He just happened to stumble upon the abduction in real time. What if he hadn’t been there? What if the hospital you deliver at doesn’t have an infant protection solution?

Just like you prepare to protect your baby in the vehicle or near the pool, you can take steps to protect your infant from abduction through digital footprint scanning technology and by ensuring the hospital, pediatric center, or birth center you bring your child to is equipped with Accutech’s combination of security systems.

Learn More About Infant Protection

For more information about infant protection systems, contact Accutech Security. We provide access control security systems, and our systems can be installed in hospitals, birth centers, pediatric units, and more. Our Cuddles infant bracelets can help keep your baby safe in a hospital, and our digital footprint scans can help with identification.