The Future of Wander Management

Posted by Accutech on March 1, 2013 10:55 am

A new study from the Rush Institute for Healthy Aging in Chicago demonstrates again that the rate of people suffering from Alzheimer’s in the United States could triple by the year 2050--from 5 million currently to about 13.8 million. "We're going to need coordinated efforts for this upcoming epidemic," says lead author Jennifer Weuve. "People have trouble getting their heads around these numbers, but imagine if everyone in the state of Illinois (population 12.8 million) had Alzheimer's. I look around Chicago and can't imagine it." At Accutech Security, we are keenly aware of the impact this will have on the healthcare industry and the rapidly increasing need for skilled nursing facilities.

When someone suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, everyone who is close to them is affected. Caring for loved ones takes a tremendous amount of time and effort and comes with many stresses unique to someone afflicted with dementia, such as wandering and egress. The constant concern associated with taking care of someone at risk of wandering is often what causes families to seek skilled nursing facilities. A key component of full time residential care is a controlled environment with a wander management system such as ResidentGuard from Accutech.

As the baby boom generation ages and the United States undergoes a tremendous demographic change, studies like the one cited above show an alarming need for new means to support this aging population. In addition to growth in skilled nursing capacity, there is an obvious need for residential wander management solutions that can allow a person suffering from Alzheimer’s to remain in the care of their loved ones while maintaining the safety and security that is essential to their wellbeing.

As a leading manufacturer of advanced electronic monitoring and security systems for the healthcare market since 1985, Accutech has engineered, manufactured, distributed and serviced radio frequency identification (RFID) and wireless security products. As security needs evolve and grow and new solutions emerge, Accutech remains committed to meeting the challenge of providing means for compassionate and secure care to those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease wherever they reside.

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