What is RFID? How RFID functions to create a wander alert system.

Posted by Accutech on September 15, 2011 1:36 pm

Since 1985 Accutech has been a leading developer, manufacturer, distributor and installer of RFID and wireless products.

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. It is a technology that transfers data from a small electronic tag with a microchip to a nearby reader device through radio waves. In the last 25 years, it has seen many industrial uses from shipping and transport to mobile payment systems, animal tracking and identification, inventory management, casino chip tracking, race timing, and a myriad of security applications. It is the technology behind Accutech ResidentGuard wander management systems - used by health facilities caring for patients suffering from dementia at risk of elopement.

Our ResidentGuard wander alert systems include hardware known as readers and tags. The IS 3200 system, ideal for nursing homes and long-term care facilities that want resident identification through a centralized system, also includes a software interface to utilize data stored on the tags to deliver our complete range of safety options. Accutech RFID tags contain two parts, an integrated circuit or microchip that stores and processes data and generates (modulates and demodulates) the radio frequency signal and an antenna that transmits the signal to the reader device.

Our ResidentGuard wander management systems have fixed readers - usually set up above entrances and exits - creating a cloud of RF energy that alerts your staff when a patient wearing a tag enters the zone. All three perimeter-based security systems may be integrated with nurse call, electronic access control (EAC), closed-circuit television (CCTV), fall detection and other existing security mechanisms within your facility.

Our tags are securely attached to comfortable, easy-to-clean, water-resistant wrist bands worn by patients similar to a watch. A portable, handheld unit allows your staff to control tag function, and each reusable band provides low-battery notification with LED indicator to easily inform them whether or not a tag is operational. Our tags can also be turned on or off as necessary, ensuring long battery life and minimal maintenance.

All ResidentGuard wander alert systems meet the compliance standards set by NFPA, FCC, NEC and JCAHO. Our RFID technology uses the 418 MHz frequency - on the high end of the consumer radio frequency spectrum - preventing false alarms caused by other electronic devices. Accutech ResidentGuard systems experience the lowest rate of false alarms in the industry, allowing your staff to spend more time caring for patients and less time trouble-shooting systems.

Accutech is the leading manufacturer of advanced electronic monitoring and security systems for the health care industry. Using advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, our wander alert and control systems put your staff at ease while enabling them to direct their energies toward other critical tasks. Our three ResidentGuard systems provide your facility with the flexibility you need to meet your wander management needs with affordable, reliable and expandable solutions that provide increasing security options to notify your staff if residents try to leave the facility or wander into restricted areas.

Accutech is a division of Innovative Control Systems, Inc. (ICS), an industry-leading supplier of quality security systems for over 25 years. Accutech provides RFID based Infant Protection and Patient Wanderer Security System. For more information, contact Chris Konicek at 10125 S. 52nd Street, Franklin, WI 53132, (414) 855-1121 or visit www.AccutechSecurity.com.

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