What Is Wander Management?

Posted by Accutech on February 20, 2021 12:48 pm

The term “wander management” encompasses the challenging act of controlling the wander behavior of seniors who have dementia or other memory and cognitive processing issues. Most cases of dementia are caused by the disease known as Alzheimer’s, but dementia can be caused by other diseases as well.

When an elderly adult suffers from dementia, they can easily become confused, unsure of where they are, agitated, or scared. These feelings can cause them to wander out of a safe area of a nursing home or assisted living facility. Wandering outside of the safe area can present a physical danger to these individuals, including getting lost in inclement weather, wandering into traffic, suffering a fall, or becoming injured due to other types of accidents.

With this elderly population already at risk of experiencing accidents, wander management can reduce this danger by preventing the elderly from wandering out of protected areas of a healthcare facility or residential facility. Wander management commonly includes an electronic security solution, such as Accutech’s ResidentGuard wander management system.


When it comes to organizations and facilities that deal with wandering residents, having a reliable and effective wander management solution is crucial. Not only does it ensure the safety of the individuals in their care, but it also offers assurance to their families and loved ones. With so many different solutions available on the market, selecting the right one can be overwhelming. Here are four essential aspects to consider when choosing a wander management solution like ResidentGuard:


The effectiveness of a wander management solution is determined by how accurately and efficiently it can detect wandering individuals. Administrators should look for a solution that uses advanced technology such as RFID or GPS tracking to ensure accuracy. Other important factors include the range of the system, whether it can detect both indoor and outdoor locations, and if it can provide real-time alerts to staff members.

With Accutech’s ResidentGuard, you have a solution that consistently controls wandering behavior, minimizes risks, and ensures the safety of your patients.


The reliability of a wander management solution is crucial to ensure the safety of the individuals in care. The solution should have a fail-safe mechanism that makes sure that the system will continue to work properly through a power outage or other technical difficulties. Additionally, you should look for a solution that has a long battery life and can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

ResidentGuard’s alarm notifications allow you to secure residents and minimize signal interference from other electronic devices.

Comes With Support

Having access to support is critical when it comes to implementing and using a wander management solution. Security administrators should consider the level of support provided by the vendor, such as on-site training and ongoing technical support. It's also important to ensure the vendor has experience working with organizations and facilities dealing with wandering individuals.

Accutech’s wander management system is backed by a full one-year warranty. You can reach customer technical support 24/7, and you can rest assured knowing that our products are manufactured in the United States.

Integrates With Other Systems

A solution that can integrate with access control or nurse call systems can enhance the overall safety and security of the healthcare facility. Additionally, integration can streamline processes and reduce the workload for staff members.

Our wander management solution was designed to integrate with other systems, such as nurse call systems, electronic access control systems, closed-circuit television systems, and other security mechanisms your facility may have.


Controlling patient wandering is no small feat, but with the right technology, skilled nursing facility staff, smart policies, and other security mechanisms, patient flight can be averted. ResidentGuard is a wander management solution for hospitals and senior care facilities. This technology uses a perimeter control system combined with a discreet, comfortable bracelet that alerts nursing staff of a perimeter breach. Alarms allow nurses or other staff to react quickly when a senior has wandered out of a safe part of the facility.

The ResidentGuard solution was developed with seniors in mind. This system allows elders to keep their dignity and privacy while still being protected from the dangers associated with resident wandering behavior.

Other Ways to Manage High-Risk Patients

In addition to a cost-effective patient wander solution like ResidentGuard, you can also initiate best practices at your senior care community or hospital to cut down on resident flight incidents and prevent accidents.

For instance, you should have a nurse’s station posted at every exit point, so seniors can’t leave without passing a staff member. All staff should be well trained to manage patient flight behavior, and policies should be in place to control wander behavior. Your community should have security procedures, and your community’s security protocols should be known and upheld by all staff members.

Reliable wander management protection can be a great asset to your facility. Learn more about ResidentGuard by calling Accutech.

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Resident safety is a high priority for all senior care communities and hospitals. If you are looking for easy-to-use, effective systems to help you monitor and control wander behavior, you have found the company and solutions for you.

Accutech Healthcare Security Solutions is an industry leader in the manufacturing and installation of security solutions, such as our electronic access control system and our wander management system. Call us today to get started with securing your elder care facility or hospital.