Ashley County Medical Center and Infant Protection System Policy

Posted by Accutech on September 12, 2019 12:29 pm

Crossett, Ark. (August 26, 2019)Ashley County Medical Center (ACMC) has contracted with Accutech Security Solutions to install the Cuddles Infant Protection System. Cuddles will allow ACMC to enhance security and minimize the risk for newborn abductions. This extra layer of security provides peace of mind to ACMC’s staff.

ACMC has approximately 180 deliveries a year. While they had a locked unit to control multiple exits and have been using cameras to track and record activity, keeping the most vulnerable patients safer was a top priority. The hospital wanted additional visibility to the nursery than staff alone could provide. ACMC researched 5 different infant protection systems before determining that Accutech Security’s Cuddles Infant Protection System was the perfect fit.

“We were looking for a more robust infant protection system that was safe and comfortable to the newborn,” said Amanda Autenreath, RN and Nursery Manager at ACMC. “Accutech’s Cuddles system met all those criteria as well as being easy for our staff to use.”

Cuddles works by placing a lightweight, self-adjusting band around the wrist or leg of a newborn. The bands are snug but comfortable and stretchable, ensuring they won’t fall off or hurt the skin. Nurses can monitor the location and movement of each baby and if there is an attempt to remove the band, an alarm immediately sounds.

“Accutech’s Cuddles system will allow our facility to continue to put our focus on mom and baby while providing a higher quality of infant protection,” added Autenreath.

Accutech Security has been manufacturing infant security solutions for almost 35 years. Cuddles Infant Protection systems can be seamlessly integrated with wired and wireless nurse call systems, ensuring notifications are at hospital staff’s fingertips. Cuddles is in more than 500 hospitals worldwide and offers free 24/7/365 support.

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