Cuddles Infant Protection Solution – Total Cost of Ownership

Posted by Accutech on January 1, 2023 12:00 am

Hospitals and birthing centers protect their newborn patients from the threat of abduction through the use of a perimeter based, RFID-enabled security system. It is important for the staff tasked with researching and implementing these solutions understand how they work, the customization options that are available to meet specific needs, and what considerations go into calculating the total cost of ownership for the life of the system. Providing high quality infant protection in a hospital environment is easier and more affordable than ever with Cuddles Infant Protection system from Accutech.

An RFID-enabled infant protection system has different hardware components that combine to create an alert when an infant wearing a bracelet enters into a protected area, goes beyond an unauthorized exit, or the bracelet itself is removed. The soft bracelet has an RFID tag attached to it. The tag transmits a signal at a specific radio frequency that can be identified by a controller (receiver) placed near a point of egress. Hardware costs generally consist of enough controllers to cover all of the points of egress in a facility, bracelets, and tags to be attached to the bracelets. While a newborn baby only needs to wear one tag on a bracelet around his/her arm or leg, extras and replacements are needed since they require battery power to operate and need to be replaced.

Understanding the total cost of ownership also means calculating installation costs, maintenance costs (support), software upgrades and training. Accutech’s Cuddles infant protection systems maintain the safety of infants in obstetric and pediatric departments at a lower total cost of ownership to you, and have a wide range of features providing options to fit any need and budget. Our initial hardware costs consistently beat the price of competing systems, and Cuddles integrates easily with other security and access control systems your facility may already have in place–protecting investments you have already made. With free 24-hour technical support, free software upgrades and a local dealer network, we make it easy to add this critical protection to your facility. Accutech is the most trusted name in RFID security. We have been a leading manufacturer of advanced electronic monitoring and security systems since 1985 and our specialized, RFID-enabled solutions have been installed in more than 5,000 locations worldwide. In a recent customer survey, 100% of respondents said they would recommend Accutech products to a peer. Almost 60% said that Accutech’s sales support was above average or excellent, and over 90% said the same about our technical support..

Replacement RFID tags are a continuing cost of owning an infant protection system. Accutech’s unique infant tags can be turned off when not in use - saving battery life (there is no expiration date). A simple LED light assures your staff that the tag is on; And our tags simply last longer than competing systems. We guarantee them for a year, but most last at least 18 months. With a Cuddles infant protection system, you will experience significant savings on replacement tags over the life of the system.

Installation costs, training time, the ability to upgrade, replacement components, operation costs, and responsive customer support all contribute to the total cost of ownership of an infant protection system in well run hospitals and birthing centers. Cuddles is able to meet the budget and demands of facilities large and small while integrating easily with the existing systems your staff uses every day: electronic access control (EAC), closed-circuit television (CCTV), paging, etc. With 24 hour technical support,  well-built reliable hardware, the availability of local installation and service technicians and long-life tags that turn off when not in use, Cuddles from Accutech Security delivers infant protection solutions at a lower total cost of ownership than any competing product. All Accutech systems are assembled in the United States, installed and serviced by a vast network of local authorized dealers - Quality and service you can depend on. Learn more about Cuddle infant protection.

The Accutech advantage:

  • More than 25 years in RFID security–we helped to build the security industry, and we continue to lead it today.

  • To date, our patented patient security solutions have been installed in more than 5,000 locations worldwide.

  • All of our systems come with 24-hour technical support, and our extensive certified dealer network means local service anytime you need it.

  • Accutech products work seamlessly with your existing systems–saving you and your staff time and resources.

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