Accutech Security Introduces New Compact Two-Way Radio

Posted by Accutech on March 5, 2012 4:20 pm

It can be a care facility’s worst nightmare. An Alzheimer’s patient has managed to elude care providers and walked away from the site. Or someone not authorized to have the child has taken an infant from a maternity ward. This can be a devastating experience for healthcare workers and even more so for the patient or child’s family as they frantically wonder and speculate about their loved one's location. Hospitals and long term care facilities are required to have wander management and child abduction prevention systems that trigger alerts when a resident, newborn or toddler gets too close to an exit or restricted area. Since then, the number of incidents resulting in injury, death or loss has been greatly reduced.

Accutech Security has a number of products to assist healthcare facilities with combating these types of incidents. Our RFID and wireless security products make us the leader in infant protection, wander management and pediatric elopement fields. We consistently strive to improve on our product lines and technology and so are pleased to announce the next step in protection with the introduction of the Accutech Two-Way Radio.  It’s a lightweight device that gives healthcare facilities an effective, low cost communication tool that also integrates into existing security systems to function as a customizable alarm notification device.

Most healthcare facilities are large and can have confusing floor plans. Staff is already deeply involved in patient care and the environment can be hectic. This can complicate the response time when a wander or protection incident occurs. Speed is key in resolving the instance and this is where immediate communication is critical. The Accutech Two-Way Radio allows healthcare professionals to speak to each other, giving specific and real-time information about the location and nature of an alarm. This decreases the time it takes for the staff of a healthcare facility to respond to an alarm by sending customizable audio messages to all the radios on the network. When an alarm is triggered, the facility’s staff is notified via the radio - wherever they are - exactly what and where the alarm is and can communicate an immediate response. This ensures that someone is responding to the alarm and eliminating multiple people being interrupted to address the same situation.

“The radio’s ability to enunciate door alarm locations allows our staff to respond more quickly to an incident. It also saves time by sending an alert when the alarm is cleared, so that we don't have multiple nurses responding after it has been cleared,” said Margaret K, Director of Nursing

The Accutech two-way radio easily integrates into existing Accutech RFID security systems, which include ResidentGuard for wander management, Cuddles for infant abduction prevention, and Kidz for pediatric protection. This continues Accutech Security’s dedication to protecting vulnerable patients and children and providing confidence and reliability to dedicated healthcare professionals and their staff.